What's Currently Happening in Koli National Park

Café Eväsretket closed until 18th February 2021

(8th January 2021)

  • Café Eväsretket (kalastusretket.fi) in the Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed due to off-season and covid-19 from 11th January until 18th February 2021. A coffee machine serves you with hot beverages such as different kind of coffees, hot juice and hot chocolate.
  • On winter holiday season from 19th February until 14th March the Café is open normally Mon–Sat 10am–5pm and Sun 10am–3pm.

Snowshoeing Trail on the Koli Peaks is yet unmarked

(8th January 2021)

  • The Snowshoeing Trail covering the three highest peaks of Koli is still unmarked. Another 10 cm or so of snow is still needed for a proper snowshoeing trail. 
  • The Huippujen Kierros Trail (Trail of the Tops), Kolinuuron Kierros Trail and Mäkrän Kierto Trail all are in pretty good condition for hiking without snowshoes but studded shoes are recommended. Especially the stairs from Upper Yard to Ukko-Koli (from crossroads no 65) and the stairs to Kolinuuron Kierros Trail (from crossroads no 10) can be really slippery.
  • The recommended winter trail to Ukko-Koli starts near the radio mast from crossroads no 11. Please check the trail from the Snowshoeing Trail on the Koli Peaks brochure (julkaisut.metsa.fi) page 2.

Still quite modest amount of snow and weak ice cover on lakes

(6th January 2021)

  • The snow amount in Koli National Parks is approximately around 25 cm. The ice cover on lakes is still weak especially on big lakes. Please avoid moving on lake Pielinen until the ice cover gets thicker.

Sikosalmi ferry closed for the winter

(8th December 2020)

  • The Sikosalmi rope-pulley ferry is closed for the winter due to ice cover in lake Herajärvi. 

The Nature Centre Ukko open again

(3th December 2020)

  • The Nature Centre Ukko is open again after the renovation. We are open Mon–Sat 10am–5pm and Sun 10am–3pm. Exceptions 24.12.2020 open 10am–2pm and 25.–26.12.2020 open 10am–3pm.
  • There are several nature oriented art exhibitions from paintings to photography in the Nature Centre Ukko totally free of charge.
  • Souvenir and outdoor equipment shop / nature tour provider Koli Shop Retkitupa (feelkoli.fi) and Café Eväsretket (kalastusretket.fi) are both open on Nature Centre Ukko's opening hours. The café is still under small renovation during December but serves normally.
  • Please check the coronavirus guidelines when visiting. 

Weather conditions of early winter in Koli National Park

(3th December 2020)

  • There is already some snow in Koli National Park. Temperatures vary below and above zero degrees Celcius so the trails can be really slippery. Please choose sturdy shoes and other suitable equipment when heading to the trails.
  • The stairs from upper yard to Ukko-Koli peak from crossroads no 65 up are not maintained during winter months. The trail to Ukko-Koli starts near the radio mast from crossroads no 11. Please check the trail from the Snowshoeing Trail on the Koli Peaks brochure (julkaisut.metsa.fi) page 2.

Ikolanaho spring and Jero well are out of commission

(1st October 2020)

  • The spring in Ikolanaho and the well in Jero reservable hut and are out of commission. Do not drink the water even after boiling it. 
  • Hikers planning to take the Herajärven kierros trail should carry enough drinking water with them. It is possible to fill water bottles at Koli Nature Centre Ukko. It is also possible to get water from Myllypuro river. However, water from wells, springs and natural sources should be boiled before drinking. The Herajärven kierros trail is hard hiking trail with high number of hills and therefore it is really important to carry enough drinking water with you. The number of wells, springs, rivers, lakes and ponds, where hiker can get more drinking water, are very limited along the Herajärven kierros trail. 
  • It it recommended to bring enough drinking water with you to the reservable huts in Ikolanaho and Jero. It is possible to borrow water containers and get clean drinking water from the Nature Centre Ukko

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