What's Currently Happening in Koli National Park

Hiker's checklist

(1st October 2020)

  • The Sikosalmi rope pulley ferry can be used by hikers until lake Herajärvi becomes ice covered. We will inform immediately when ferry is no longer available due to ice cover. 
  • If you are planning on taking the Herajärven Kierros Trail or any other overnight hike you should check the weather forecast before packing your equipment. The difference in temperature between night and day can vary a lot and during the nights the temperature may even drop closer to zero degrees Celsius so it's good to have a warm sleeping bag and a proper jacket. Also, after rain or morning dew the bare rock areas and roots may be slippery, so be sure to take proper shoes with you. 
  • Please remember to check the warnings (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).
  • You can only get tap water without boiling from three places: Koli Nature Centre Ukko, Break Sokos Hotel Koli (sokoshotels.fi) and Herajärven retkeilykeskus (kiviniementila.fi, in Finnish). All other water sources like wells, springs and natural sources are recommended to be boiled before drinking. The well in Jero reservable hut and the spring in Ikolanaho are still out of commission.
  • Inside the National Park, you can pick berries and mushrooms along your trip because of the everyman’s rights, but remember that you should leave everything else like the trees, plants and rocks untouched. Read more about the outdoor etiquette.
  • When visiting the Koli Nature Centre Ukko please remember the coronavirus guidelines; keep your distance to others and maintain good hygiene. If you have any flu symptoms, please be kind and leave your visit for another time. Our employees are using face masks on situations where there is no possibility of leaving a safe distance to the customers. There will be no guided tours indoors until 30.9.2020.

Ikolanaho spring and Jero well are out of commission

(1st October 2020)

  • The spring in Ikolanaho and the well in Jero reservable hut and are out of commission. Do not drink the water even after boiling it. 
  • Hikers planning to take the Herajärven kierros trail should carry enough drinking water with them. It is possible to fill water bottles at Koli Nature Centre Ukko. It is also possible to get water from Myllypuro river. However, water from wells, springs and natural sources should be boiled before drinking. The Herajärven kierros trail is hard hiking trail with high number of hills and therefore it is really important to carry enough drinking water with you. The number of wells, springs, rivers, lakes and ponds, where hiker can get more drinking water, are very limited along the Herajärven kierros trail. 
  • It it recommended to bring enough drinking water with you to the reservable huts in Ikolanaho and Jero. It is possible to borrow water containers and get clean drinking water from the Nature Centre Ukko

Opening hours of Koli Nature Centre Ukko during the autumn season

(1st October 2020)

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