What's Currently Happening in Koli National Park

The Snowshoeing trail on the Koli peaks is closed 

(9th April 2021)

Conditions on the snowshoeing trail on the Koli peaks are challenging. Therefore the markings along the trail will be removed during this week (week 14) and snowshoeing on the peaks is not anymore recommended. 

Trails are in very challenging condition

(9th April 2021)

Now that temperatures vary below and above zero degrees Celcius the trails, especially uphills, downhills and stairs, are very slippery and snow outside the trails is very soft. Please choose sturdy shoes and other suitable equipment when heading to the trails. It is recommended to use snow spikes.

Skiing track Ukko-Kolin lenkki (3 km) still open

(7th April 2021)

Mäkrän lenkki (7 km) won't be maintained anymore. Ukko-Kolin lenkki (3 km) is classified as an easy track, and is still maintained. You can follow the maintenance of ski track with a Real Time Map (koli.fluentprogress.fi).

You can reach the tracks through skiing track from Koli Village. You can also drive to the Ukko-Koli parking area P2 (Ylä-Kolintie 31, Lieksa) and start skiing straight from the parking area. Please remember: while the skiing tracks are open, you cannot walk or snowshoe on the routes. 

More information about Skiing tracks in Koli (koli.fi/en).

The Nature Centre Ukko's art exhibitions (free of charge)

(4th April 2021)

Tapani Ahtonen's art exhibition called Vaalean linnun aika available in Nature Centre Ukko's gallery space downstairs until 22th of May 2021.

Leena Jarva's wood drawing art Lumikuvia is presented in Ukko's upstairs hall space until 30th of April 2021.

Emmi Jormalainen’s drawings from the book Being Lost can be found from Ukko’s downstairs, nearby the stairs, until 30th of June 2021.

Preparing for changes in the coronavirus situation

(26th March 2021)

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland and Koli Nature Centre Ukko may have to close if the situation gets worse. Please check Koli Nature Centre Ukko's opening hours for up-to-date information about possible closing and the coronavirus guidelines when planning to visit.

More information about covid-19

Café Eväsretket closed for the time being

(15th March 2021)

Café Eväsretket (kalastusretket.fi) in the Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed due to off-season and covid-19 (exceptions are possible). A coffee machine serves you with hot beverages such as different kind of coffees, hot juice and hot chocolate.

Sikosalmi ferry closed for the winter

(8th December 2020)

  • The Sikosalmi rope-pulley ferry is closed for the winter due to ice cover in lake Herajärvi.

Ikolanaho spring and Jero well are out of commission

(1st October 2020)

  • The spring in Ikolanaho and the well in Jero reservable hut and are out of commission. Do not drink the water even after boiling it. 
  • Hikers planning to take the Herajärven kierros trail should carry enough drinking water with them. It is possible to fill water bottles at Koli Nature Centre Ukko. It is also possible to get water from Myllypuro river. However, water from wells, springs and natural sources should be boiled before drinking. The Herajärven kierros trail is hard hiking trail with high number of hills and therefore it is really important to carry enough drinking water with you. The number of wells, springs, rivers, lakes and ponds, where hiker can get more drinking water, are very limited along the Herajärven kierros trail. 
  • It it recommended to bring enough drinking water with you to the reservable huts in Ikolanaho and Jero. It is possible to borrow water containers and get clean drinking water from the Nature Centre Ukko

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