Northern Lapland
Municipality of Enontekiö
Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, Malla Strict Nature Reserve
The Finnish section of the trail is maintained by Metsähallitus.

The entire Nordkalott Trail is 800 km long and a 70-km-section of this runs through northern Finland in the area surrounding of Enontekiö in the Käsivarsi region. The other sections of the trail run through Norway (380 km) and Sweden (350 km). As the trail is so long it can be hiked in sections.

There are many starting /end points for this trail. Northernmost point of the trail is located in Kautokeino Norway. Southernmost points of the trail are in Sulitjelma Norway or in Kvikkjokk Sweden. In the middle of the trail is Abisko village in Sweden. The Finnish section leads through Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and Malla Strict Nature Reserve. You can get onto the trail in Finland from the village of Kilpisjärvi.

The trail offers versatile northern fell landscape. It passes through easy to travel fell highlands, lush birch forests, glaciers and steep-sided gorges. There are many parts with abundant fell vegetation.

The portion of the trail, which is in Finland, is a summer hiking trail. The best time to hike there is from the beginning of July to the middle of September.

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