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Salla is the 41st national park of Finland, established in 2022. Developing the signs in the national park is in progress and trail markings are gradually renewed along all the other construction work. While the paths are quite clear, it is advisable to carry a map when hiking in the area.

New hiking structures will be made in 2023, material transports in progress during spring

(updated 4/5/2023)

Metsähallitus (Parks & Wildlife Finland) has been making duckboard material transports in the national park and its nearby area during winter and spring 2023. In April the transports of duckboard and other construction materials as well as signs continue widely in the area. All the trails stay in use, but the transports may cause some inconvenience for which we apologize. The transports must be made during snow cover to minimize their effects to the terrain and to ensure that all the construction works planned for upcoming summer will happen in time.

The actual constrution works will take place in summer 2023:

  • New duckboards, stairs and an open wilderness hut will be built on Pahakuru Trail.
  • A new accessible viewpoint and stairs will be built at Kolmiloukkonen Lake and the rest spot structures will be renewed.
  • Pitkälampi rest spot structures will be renewed.

Construction work finished in fall 2022

(Updated 16.12.2022)

New day trip huts at Kaippahanoja and Kylmähete rest spots

The new day trip huts are now finished at Kaippahanoja and Kylmähete rest spots, and hikers are welcome to use them. The day trip huts are located along the Pahakuru trail and they are not meant for overnight stay.  There are new campfire sites outside the day trip huts and some construction material in the area which we can carry away in winter.

New lean-to shelters at Kaunisharju and Tunturilampi rest spots

The new lean-to shelters and a campfire site at Kaunisharju and Tunturilampi are now finished and ready to be used. There is 1 lean-to shelter at the Kaunisharju rest spot and two lean-to shelters at the Tunturilampi rest spot.

The Taivaan tavoittelijan taival trail re-opened in September

The renovation on the Taivaan tavoittelijan taival (Sky Reacher´s Journey) trail up to Iso Pyhätunturi fell was finished in September and the trail is open again. In the renevation we renewed the stairs and duckboards and surfaced some parts of the trail with gravel. 

Graveling on the Kolmiloukkonen trail finished

The graveling work on the Kolmiloukkonen trail was finished in September. The section surfaced with gravel starts at the beginning of the trail and goes to the Kolmiloukkonen lake and the lean-to shelter 1. From there it follows the right side of the lake until the mire with duckboards.

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