The View from the Scenic Lookout Tower of Lauhanvuori

There is a scenic lookout tower at the top of Lauhanvuori Hill, where you can look around to tens of kilometres distance over the forests. When the weather is good, you can even see the tallest chimneys of the towns of Kristiinankaupunki and Kaskinen, which are 60 - 70 km away.
Tower is open in the summertime.

Kivijata Stone Field

Ancient shoreline embankments circle Lauhanvuori Hill. The largest of these stone fields, called Kivijata ("Stone Chain"), is 800 metres long. The bedrock at Lauhanvuori is sandstone, which is quite rare in Finland. Only on these stone fields it is exposed, elsewhere it is covered in moraine, turf or sand.

Hiking over the stone field is only allowed on the duckboards. In winter when the stones are covered by snow you may cross Kivijata walking outside the duckboards.

Aerial photograph of a forest landscape. In the middle an ancient shore.

Aumakivi Rock

On the lower slopes of Lauhanvuori Hill, the bedrock changes from sandstone to granite. At some places you can see Tor-formations, massive boulders, where erosion has stripped away the surface layers leaving just the core of the granite. The most famous of these boulders is Aumakivi Rock at the southwest corner of the ark. It is called Aumakivi ("Stack Stone") because it looks like a stack of crops.

A big round boulder in the forest.