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Mobile guide for Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins, Raseborg Castle Ruins and Vallisaari Island.

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From Vallisaari to Isosaari!

(uppdated 20.5.2019)
The traffic with waterbusses to Vallisaari has started again. This year the transports are taken care of by JT-line as earlier and Suomen Saaristokuljetus. The ferry of Suomen Saaristokuljetus will continue from Vallisaari to Isosaari and by buying a combined ticket you can visit both Islands at the same day! You will find the timeschedule here (in finnish).

Vallisaari is closed weekdays from 19 August till 6 September!

(Uppdated 20.5.2019) 
There will be changes in Vallisaari opening times in August and September due to construction works. The construction of a water supply network will start in August. Vallisaari will be open normally until 18 August, after which day the island will be closed on weekdays from 19 August till 6 September. During this period, excavation work will be carried out on the island, including the clearance of old explosives found in the soil. For safety reasons, landing on and accessing the island while this work is in progress will be prohibited. The water buses will not operate on these days, and the guest marina will not be open. The island will be open normally at weekends, and from 7 September, every day until the end of the month.  
While the construction work is in progress, exceptional routes and other site arrangements may be in use on the island. Metsähallitus will provide more information about these arrangements closer to the construction period. The water supply and sewage works will improve the services on the island: next year, flush toilets will be provided in addition to dry toilets, and cafés and restaurants will have better operating conditions. The water supply network on the island will be connected to the HSY network via an undersea pipe.


News about Vallisaari

(Updated on 18th January 2018)
It is allowed to berth at Vallisaari's excursion harbor also during winter. Please note, that there is no winter maintenance on the trails, lights or services in Vallisaari. Trails and docks can be slippery and covered with snow and exploring the island is at your own risk. Please use extra caution and in case of emergency, call 112.