Lemmenjoki National Park is located in Finnish Lapland in the area between the Inari-Kittilä Road 955 and Inari-Angeli Road 9553. The distance from Inari to Njurkulahti in Lemmenjoki is 47 km and from Kittilä it is 160 km. The nearest airport is in Ivalo. 

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails start at the Njurkulahti and Repojoki parking areas. Starting points for the hiking trails.

By Public Transport

  • Lemmenjoki cannot be reached by public transport.

By Car to Lemmenjoki

Njurkulahti parking area, Lemmenjoki kylätie 107, Inari (road no. 9551). Drive along this road for roughly 1 km and at the crossroads take a left turn to the parking area. There is space for approximately 25 cars.  During snowy winter months, the parking area is smaller.

Repojoki parking area, Kittiläntie 7426, Inari (road no. 955). There is space for approximately 8 cars. During snowy winter months, the parking area is smaller.

By Bus to Inari

There are daily bus services to Inari (matkahuolto.fi) from Rovaniemi, Utsjoki, Karigasniemi and Kittilä (via Sodankylä). The nearest taxi operators are in Inari and Lemmenjoki.

By Air to Ivalo

There are transfers from Ivalo Airport to Inari (kuljetusliikeilmarislant.fi), and it is possible to pre-book connections to Njurkulahti. Please note that a seat must be booked by 3 pm the day before.

Self-guided Tour: "Discover Arctic Lapland's Spectacular Scenery and Indigenous Culture"

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