Accessible Punkaharju

You can also enjoy the natural beauty of Punkaharju even if you are using assistive devices. Most of the accessible services and trails are in the Punkaharju Research Park north of Highway 14 but there is also a short demanding accessible trail in the esker area offering a beautiful view. 

All accessible trails in the Punkaharju area are classified as demanding accessible nature trails and for this reason, we recommend that hikers in a wheelchair and those using other assistive devices are accompanied by an assistant. You can determine whether a trail is suited for you by studying descriptions of the trails in advance. You can also contact Metsähallitus customer service for more information about the trails. 

Accessible nature trails in Punkaharju 

Karjalankallio lean-to shelter and campfire site 

The Karjalankallio lean-to shelter is in the Punkaharju Research Park on the northern shore of Laukansaari island You can also enter the lean-to shelter with assistive devices and there is room inside for moving and staying. The lean-to shelter has a covered campfire site that hikers in a wheelchair can use without assistance. There are two accessible tables (height 75 cm) inside the lean-to shelter. There are also two large tables in front of the lean-to shelter and one of them is constructed so that wheelchair users can sit on both ends (table height 84 cm). 

The dry toilet near the lean-to shelter is accessible via a ramp (slope 4%) and the doorway is one metre wide. There is no empty space on either side of the toilet seat, but the toilet has support rails and sufficient longitudinal clearance so that you can use it independently or assisted. There may not be enough space for a wheelchair to turn around inside the toilet. 

The Karjalankallio firewood shelter is not accessible, as there is a threshold.  
The nearest parking area is located at Karjalankallio, which has two accessible parking spaces. The distance from the parking area to the lean-to shelter is about 150 metres. 

Accessible services provided by partner entrepreneurs

For information about accessible accommodation and other accessible services, contact the partner companies providing services in the Punkaharju Nature Reserve and the Research Park. 

The Kuikonniemi kiosk located in the southern part of the nature reserve is accessible via a ramp. The kiosk is open during the summer months. 

Punkaharju Brochure

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