What´s Currently Happening in Kvarken Archipelago

A new audio guide about the Kvarken archipelago during work

(Uppdated 9.6. 2021)
This audio guide (kvarken.fi)  presents five places in and close to the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage site.
These five audio tracks are a test. A complete audio guide will be published during the spring of 2022.
You can help us develop the audio guide to make it even better! Please give us your feedback after you have listened to the episodes. 


A new map over the High Coast and the Kvarken Archipelago with 360-photos

(Uppdated 3.2. 2021)
Check out the High Coast - Kvarken archipelago World Heritage Site using 360 images on the map. The map (map.highcoastkvarken.org) also tells what the shoreline looked like 4000 or 600 years ago. 

A new parking lot in the Sommarö fortress area 

(Uppdated 7.10. 2020) 
A new parking lot is now available in Fort Sommarö. The parking lot is located along Sommarövägen before Sommarö rental house. The road after the parking lot is closed with a roadblock.

A large parking lot with a few cars in the background. The area is surrounded by boulders and behind the area is forest. Boom and road to the right.


Along the nature trails in the Kvarken archipelago, there are several fallen trees after the Aila storm

(Updated 21.9.2020)
Along the nature trails in the Kvarken archipelago there are now many fallen trees and also half-fallen trees. These half-fallen trees can be dangerous, especially on windy days. When walking in the area, half-fallen trees should be passed quickly, preferably in front of the top of the tree.

A new parking lot is built in the Sommarö fortress area between 8.9.-9.10.2020 

(Uppdated 10.9. 2020) 
A new parking lot is built in the Sommarö fortress area between 8.9.-9.10.2020. 
The parking lot is located on Sommarövägen before the rental hut. During the work, the driveway and nearby paths can be closed temporarily. Users in the area are encouraged to pay special attention to construction machinery and trucks. For more information, please contact Teemu Rauhala +358 40 480 9499.


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