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News in Kvarken Archipelago

Saltkaret observation tower is open

(Uppdated 30.12. 2022)
The Saltkaret observation tower had to be closed due to the icy steps. Now it is safe to climb to the tower again.

The key pick-up location for Sommarös and Björkören's cottages will change

(Uppdated 22.12. 2022)
The key pick up and return location will change from January 2, 2023. The new place to pick up the keys is Sale Replot. Address: Vallgrundvägen 1, 65800 Replot.

Kvarken's Sea Monster – Escape Game

(Uppdated 30.8. 2022)
Experience the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage in a new way and play the escape game at the visitor centre World Heritage Gateway by the Replot bridge.

The scaly sea monster's mouth is open and spiky teeth are visible. Long thin lines come out of the nostrils.

Our escape game can be played by adults and children from age 7 upwards. School-aged children are recommended to play with an adult. The exhibition room is accessible, so the game is also suitable for people with reduced mobility with an assistant.
The game can be played in English, Finnish, or Swedish. 
ead more and book your game (kvarken.fi) 

Tips for Outdoors

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