What´s Currently Happening in Kvarken Archipelago

Vargis, Open Wilderness Hut has burned to the ground. Visiting the Vargis area is temporarily prohibited.

News in Kvarken Archipelago

The road leading to Risö's nature trail is in use

(Uppdated 23.11. 2021)
The road leading to Risö's nature trail Ampumatie is back in use. However, some loggingworks is still taking place outside the nature conservation area. Be careful when moving in the area.

A new audio guide about the Kvarken archipelago during work

(Uppdated 9.6. 2021)
This audio guide (kvarken.fi)  presents five places in and close to the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage site.
These five audio tracks are a test. A complete audio guide will be published during the spring of 2022.
You can help us develop the audio guide to make it even better! Please give us your feedback after you have listened to the episodes. 



Tips for Outdoors

Two people are sitting on the rock by the lake.
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