Services in Koli Nature Centre Ukko

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland. Some Nature Centres may have to close. Check the current situation on the webpage of the Destination or Nature Centre you are planning to visit.
  • Information on local tourism destinations in the regions of Vaara-Karjala and Koli. In addition to the Koli National Park and Herajärvi trail, we provide advice on hiking opportunities in the Tiilikkajärvi, Patvinsuo and Petkeljärvi National Parks and the Ruunaa Hiking Area.
  • Bookings and keys for rental huts in Koli National Park. Bookings for huts by phone: contact the Nature Centre customer service.
  • For sale maps, publications on nature and culture, posters, postcards and handicraft products.
  • Conference facilities and catering for conferences
    • Vaarasali Auditorium, 200 seats
    • Café Vakka provides catering services for meetings and conferences.
  • Hiking advice free of charge.
  • Information on local tourism services: Programme organisers and hiking equipment rental, hotel and restaurant services, accommodation in holiday cabins, Koli village shop and taxi services.
  • WIFI accessible to visitors.

An auditorium with table and chairs for speakers. Seats for the audience are in semi-arc formation.

Services for the Disabled

  • All areas of the Koli Nature Centre Ukko are accessible for wheelchair users. A toilet for the disabled is located in the building, there are ramps to the exhibitions and lift access to the auditorium and meeting facilities. The auditorium and café can accommodate several wheelchairs at a time.
  • Wheelchairs can be accommodated in the railcar for access from the parking areas to Yläpiha courtyard. Visitors with mobility difficulties can drive into the Yläpiha courtyard, which is otherwise off limits for cars.
  • A special viewing platform for visitors with mobility difficulties is located close to the Ukko-Koli lookout point, which is accessible along a wide path.
  • The auditorium is equipped with an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

Café and Catering Services for Meetings