The Wilds of Lapland - Far Away from Everything

You can roam the wilderness of northern Lapland for days without running into other travellers. You can take time to enjoy the quiet and nature of the wilderness.

You should not underestimate the wilds, though, for there are no services available in the wilderness, and the open wilderness huts are few and far between. Hiking in the wilderness entails more than just making coffee by a campfire under the evening sun. The wilderness will test you both mentally and physically. You have to carry a heavy backpack all day and again the following day, or drag a canoe over some rocky rapids. In addition, you need to have good navigation skills and be able to light a campfire even when it rains. Of course you also need to know how to cook and spend the night in the terrain. But – if and when you do have the necessary survival skills, and they have been tested in less demanding conditions – the wilderness will also reward you. Even bad weather will not bother you too much.

The wilds are vast, roadless areas that have remained in a near natural state. They are meant to stay that way. This is why only traditional means of livelihood, such as hunting, fishing and reindeer husbandry, can be practised in the wilderness.

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There are 12 wilderness areas in Finland, which together cover 15,000 sq. km of land area. Wilderness areas are managed by Metsähallitus.

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