Bothnian Bay National Park

Bothnian Bay National Park, Krunnit. Photo: Essi Keskinen.

The Emblem of Perämeri National Park - Arctic Tern and Primula Nutans var. jokelaeThe wide and open waters of the Bothnian Bay invite boaters. Take a break at a fishing hut and admire the sea through its window, just like a fisherman. The plinths and the drying racks for fishing nets are signs of the life in the past, on the rugged islands in the middle of this northern sea. During the winter, the arctic sea and packed ice fascinate tourists.

Suitability: Chiefly a summer destination. Particularly suitable for boaters and hikers: you will need your own boat or boat transport. There are no special services for the disabled. During the winter, you can access the closest islands by skis or by snowmobile.

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