Videos at the Syöte Visitor Centre Auditorium

The auditorium seats 60 people. Presentations are free of charge.

Videos in the auditorium

  • Aurora Borealis in Syöte national park - Shining stars and northern lights  (10min)
  • Syöte National Park - Jorma Luhta's nature photos from Syöte (11 min)
  • Land of national parks - Introduction to national parks of Hossa, Oulanka, Riisitunturi, Syöte. (11min)
  • Life in a Forest Cabin - An introductory to the National Park and its history (8 min, also available in German)
  • Large carnivores in the border region (18 min, also available in Russian) 
  • Mire Forest - Europe's largest remaining aapa mire wilderness areas below the Artic Circle (20 min)