Films at the Syöte Visitor Centre Auditorium

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland. Some Nature Centres may have to close. Check the current situation on the webpage of the Destination or Nature Centre you are planning to visit.

The auditorium seats 60 people.

Presentations in English:

  • A change for the better (15 min)
  • Back to Nature - Restoration of forests and mires (15 min)
  • Forest (19 min, also available in German)
  • Large carnivores in the border region (18 min, also available in Russian)
  • Life in a Forest Cabin - an introductory to the National Park and its history (8 min, also available in German)
  • Life in Old Growth Forest (11 min, also available in Russian)
  • Mire Forest Wilderness - Europe's largest remaining aapa mire wilderness areas below the Artic Circle (20 min)
  • Preserving heritage landscape (15 min)
  • Syöte National Park - Forest Wilderness (11 min)
  • The Grey Seal (15 min)
  • The Incredible Baltic Sea (9 min)

Presentations are free of charge.