Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Päijänne National Park

Following enterprises and organisations offer services in the national park. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the national park.

Guided Excursions

  • Best Lake Nature Adventures Oy (
    • Snow shoe walking, hiking, canoeing, berry picking, mushroom picking and theme excursions
  • Enicare Oy (
    • Canoeing, berry picking, mushroom picking, bird watching, snow shoe walking and theme excursions
  • Erä- ja luontopalvelut Hyväntähen (
    • Skiing, white water rafting, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hunting, hiking, theme excursions and nature excursions to national park
  • Eräopaspalvelu Talvi (
    • Hiking, snow shoe walking, nordic walking, canoeing, fishing, berry- and mushroom picking, welfare excursions and hammocking
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Berry and mushroom picking, canoeing, cycling and hiking
  • Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut Oy (
    • Excursions and activities
  • Kiuasniemi Villas (, in Finnish and English)
    • Guided excursions to Päijänne National Park year round
  • Kullasmarina (, in Finnish and English)
    • Skiing, fishing, dog-sled riding, snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking
  • Lakeland Outdoors (
    • Hiking, fishing, snow mobiling, boating, photography and theme excursions
  • Lehmonkärki Resort (
    • Skiing, fishing, dog-sled riding, bird watching, snow shoe walking, berry picking, canoeing, hunting, snow mobiling, hiking, cycling, mushroom picking, theme excursions, jet skiing, boat excursions
  • Majatalo Kivitatti (
    • ​Outdoor activities
  • Osuuskunta Liippa (, in Finnish)
    • ​Hiking, skiing, snow shoe walking, berry- and mushroom picking, birdwatching, theme excursions and nature knowledge education
  • Repovesikeskus (
    • Hiking, theme excursions and excursions for groups
  • Seikkailusyke Oy (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions (canoeing, climbing, hiking)
  • Swimming Holidays in Finland (
    • Wild swimming holidays
  • Tavinsulka Oy (
    • Canoeing, hiking, cycling, snow shoe walking and skiing
  • Villa Takila (
    • ​Outdoor activities

Equipment Rental

  • Fenix Ohjelmapalvelut Oy (
    • Equipment rental  
  • Kiuasniemi Marina (, in Finnish)
    • Fishing equipment, bicycles, stand up paddles, rowboats and motorboats for hire
  • Kullasmarina (, in Finnish and English)
    • Skiing equipment, snowshoes, bicycles
  • Lehmonkärki Resort (
    • Boats, jet skis, fishing equipment, snow shoes, Nordic walking sticks, kayaks
  • Osuuskunta Liippa (, in Finnish)
    • Canoes
  • Seikkailusyke Oy (, in Finnish)
    • ​Canoes
  • Tavinsulka Oy (
    • Canoes and kayaks
  • Tervalepikon Torpat (
    • ​Bikes, ice skates, canoe, snow shoes, sleds, kicksleds, fishing and skiing equipment, boat motor

Food and Catering Services 

Transportation Services  

Lodging and Conference Space 

  • Aurinkoranta (
    • Lodging and conference space services (rental cabins, conference and party space)
  • Kiuasniemi Villas (, in Finnish)
    • Lodging and conference space services (rental cabins, conference and party space, sauna)
  • Kullasmarina (, in Finnish and English)
    • Lodging and conference space services (rental cabins, sauna and conference space)
  • Lehmonkärki Resort (
    • Lodging and conference space services (rental cabins, sauna, conference and party space)
  • Majatalo Kivitatti (
    • Lodging (breakfast included)
  • Tervalepikon torpat (
    • Lodging (villa), sauna on summer time
  • Villa Takila (
    • Lodging

Other Services