What's Currently Happening in Riisitunturi National Park

Early notice: Riisitunturintie is closed during week 33, ie 16.-22.8. Riisitunturintie will be renovated to a condition that can withstand the weather. The road frame will be improved and a few drums will be replaced. The road is also driven into a layer carrying coarser crushed stone and finer soil is driven into the surface.

Forest fire warning is in force

(Updated 8/07/2021)

Making open fires is now forbidden everywhere except in fireplaces with a flue and with a roof, as shown in the picture below. The terrain is very dry and flammable so avoid making fires even in permitted places.

Always check if forest fire warning has been issued before making a fire. You can see all warnings on the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).

Forest fire warning sign and guide where making fire is permitted during the warning.

The forest road leading to the Riisitunturi parking area is now in drivable condition

(Updated 26.5.2021)
The forest road that leads to the starting point of the day trails of Riisitunturi is now in normal condition, again.

Maintenance has ended for the biking and skiing trails at Riisitunturi

(Updated 16.4.2021)

Maintenance for the Riisitunturi winter biking trail and the skiing trail Riisin rykäsy has ended for this winter season.

New winter trails are now open

(Updated 27.2.2021)

The Riisitunturi winter biking trail and the skiing trail Riisin rykäsy are now open! Further information about the winter trails can be found here. Also, the map brochure of the winter trails in Riisitunturi (pdf 1,7 Mt, julkaisut.metsa.fi) has now been published.

The Riisin rykäsy skiing trail is maintained by the municipality of Posio. The track is suitable for cross-country skiing. Further information about the skiing tracks of Posio can be foundhere (posiolapland.com).

The renovation work of the Riisin rietas trail continues

(Updated 4.1.2021)
The Riisin rietas trail will be renovated by spreading tons of crushed stone on the trail. Heavy loads of crushed stone are transported to the trail by snowmobiles. Please don't go on the snowmobile tracks. And if you see a snowmobile coming, please give way for it. Thank you for your understanding!

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations (pdf 608 kB, julkaisut.metsa.fi) in Finnish.

The new parking area expansion has been finished

(Updated 8.10.2020)
The work on the expansion of the Riisitunturi parking area has been finished. The parking signs are still missing, but those will be installed soon. The expansion of the parking area was made outside the nature conservation area. Now there is space for around 200 cars at the parking area.


Expansion work for the Riisitunturi parking area has started

(Updated 11.9.2020)
The long-awaited expansion of the Riisitunturi parking area started on the 10th of September. The current parking area has proved too small for the number of visitors to the park. The parking area for 70 cars will be expanded to be able to provide parking for 200 cars. Visitors to the National Park can still park their car and start their hike from the parking area while the construction work is happening. Metsähallitus (Parks and Wildlife Finland) wishes that visitors will drive carefully on the small road to the parking area and make way for the construction workers and big vehicles. There are workers who will safely guide the traffic on the small road. The expansion work is estimated to finish by the end of October.

Biking in Riisitunturi area is restricted

(Updated 7.10.2016)
According to the rules and regulations of the Riisitunturi National Park biking is restricted only to the roads between Tolva - Niirokumpu and Jaksamo - Ruokamo. Therefore kindly note that it is not allowed to bike along the hiking trails Riisin rääpäsy (4.3 km), Riisin rietas (10.7 km) and Noukavaara - Kirintövaara trail (29 km). This is to save the fragile nature of Riisitunturi as well as to improve safety on the trails.

News in Riisitunturi

Check for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Drawing of a fireplace. The drawing shows the roof, the flue and off the ground.

Gathering at the campfire sites increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Guidelines concerning coronavirus COVID-19