The road to Riisitunturi starting point (Riisitunturintie) is open again

(Updated 4/28/2022)
The gravel road (Riisitunturintie) leading to the starting point of Riisitunturi day trails was closed due to a frost heave. Frost heaving is a problem that arises on gravel roads in the spring. The road has been repaired on this week.

The maintenance of Riisitunturi Multipurpose Track has ended

(Updated 4/19/2022) 
The maintenance of Riisitunturi Multipurpose Track (20 km) has ended for winter season 2022. Cycling on the Riisitunturi Multipurpose Track is allowed only during the snowy season. When there is no snow on the ground, cycling is allowed only on the Tolva–Niirokumpu and Jaksamo–Ruokamo forest roads. Cycling elsewhere in the national park is forbidden.

Palotunturi Wilderness Hut is under renovation

(Updated 3/28/2022)
Palotunturi Wilderness Hut in Posio is under renovation and not in use till the end of April.

New location of the Koljat lean-to shelter 

(Updated 3/28/2022)
The Koljat lean-to shelter have been moved one kilometer to the northeast to the top of Koljat hill. The lean-to shelter can be found on Riisitunturi Hiking Trail 26 km.

Important when driving in winter to the Riisitunturi starting point

(Updated 3/4/2022)
The narrow forest road leading to the Riisitunturi starting point is kept open in winter. Closest address is Patoniementie 180, Posio. The road has stopping spots to allow safe passing.

The Riisitunturi National Park has visitors through the winter so always expect other cars on the road.

  • The speed limit is 30 km/h.
  • Keep at least 100-meter-long distance to the car driving in front of you. This way you will have enough reaction time for safe passing on the road.
  • The road is equal to both ways. If there is a need to back the car, the car driving towards uphill will back down.
  • There are stop spots on the road about every 100 meters apart. If you notice a car driving towards you on the road, stop on the stop spot on your side of the road or on the road before the stop spot on the other side. This way the other car can pass or give way to you for safe passing.

Two cars are able to pass each other on the road even outside of the stop spots, but very carefully and slowly. The road is narrow and if wheels go over the opened area the car can get stuck to the deep snow on the sides.

It is important to work together when passing on narrow roads. Both drivers are responsible for making sure that cars have space for passing each other. Sometimes it is better to fully stop and check if the cars can pass without problems.

Safety instructions for winter visitors in Riisitunturi National Park

(Updated 3/4/2022)

Getting lost on a day trail is possible:

  • There are multiple tracks made by visitors and snowmobiles around the Riisitunturi National Park. Park maintenance and local reindeer herders use snowmobiles for getting around. Otherwise driving a snowmobile in the National Park is forbidden. Sometimes a snowmobile track looks better to walk on than the actual hiking trail. Make sure you check you are going to the right direction at spots like near the lean-tos, the Riisitunturi peak area and trail crossings.
  • Trail marking poles and signs are often under heavy snow and ice and they can be hard to notice. Make sure you know the trail you are going to take before leaving. Actively keep in your mind where you are on the trail. Information and markings of each trail can be found from the trail information page.
  • The weather in Riisitunturi can change fast. The area is windy and strong wind can hide tracks in under half an hour. Wind makes the cold temperature more freezing.

Make sure you are safe even on a short visit:

  • Download the 112 Suomi -application ( to your phone before the visit. In an emergency you can call the number through the app on your phone. This way the emergency center gets coordinates, and it helps the rescue team locate you more effectively. 
  • Pack warm clothing and warm drinks to your backpack. Getting help to Riisitunturi can take up to an hour or even longer if you are further on the trail.
  • This time of the year there is limited daylight (4-5 hours). Take with you a headlamp or other light source. Cold temperatures affect the battery life of your electronic devices so keep them in a warm place, for example in the inside pocket of the coat you are wearing.
  • There is nothing better than seeing the beautiful winter landscape and red cheeks from being outside. Read more about safety in the nature before your visit.

Riisitunturi Multipurpose Track, 20 km, is open for winter 2022

(Updated 1/13/2022)
The Riisitunturi Multipurpose Track, 20 km, has been opened for this winter. The track is meant for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and riding with a fatbike. The trail is kept open with a snow mobile with a leveling drag. The maintenance is timed after heavy snowfall, but snow can pile on the track at windy areas.

Riisin rykäsy skiing trail won’t be opened for winter 2022

(Updated 1/13/2022)
The cross-country skiing trail Riisin rykäsy, 4-16,3 km, will not be opened for this winter season. Instead, the Riisitunturi multipurpose track, 20km, can be used by cross-country skiers. The multipurpose track does not have a traditional skiing track.

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations (pdf 608 kB, in Finnish.

The new parking area expansion has been finished

(Updated 8/10/2020)
The work on the expansion of the Riisitunturi parking area has been finished. The parking signs are still missing, but those will be installed soon. The expansion of the parking area was made outside the nature conservation area. Now there is space for around 200 cars at the parking area.


Biking in Riisitunturi area is restricted

(Updated 10/7/2016)
According to the rules and regulations of the Riisitunturi National Park biking is restricted only to the roads between Tolva - Niirokumpu and Jaksamo - Ruokamo. Therefore kindly note that it is not allowed to bike along the hiking trails Riisin rääpäsy (4.3 km), Riisin rietas (10.7 km) and Noukavaara - Kirintövaara trail (29 km). This is to save the fragile nature of Riisitunturi as well as to improve safety on the trails.

News in Riisitunturi

Check for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings ( are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Drawing of a fireplace. The drawing shows the roof, the flue and off the ground.

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