What's currently happening in Syöte National Park

Huts closed in Syöte National Park and other hiking destinations due to coronavirus

(Updated 27.3.2020)
Metsähallitus is closing the open wilderness huts and day huts in the national parks of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu and in other popular hiking destinations managed by Metsähallitus in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus starting from 27.3.2020. The maintenance of winter routes in national parks has also been terminated for the rest of this winter.

Open wilderness huts and day huts are now closed: Kaunislampi, Välitupa, Koiratupa, Anninkoski, Teerivaara, Riihitupa and Ylpiä and Kettutupa Day Huts (Syöte Recreational Forests), Raatetupa, Toraslampi, Ahmatupa and Hiltunen Open Wilderness Huts, Ahmatupa Kota Hut, (Iso Syöte Hiking Area) and Rytivaara Rental Hut.

The buildings will be locked and a notice explaining the prohibition of use will be attached to the door. Notifications will also be placed at the starting points of routes and other central places. Information on closed sites will be updated on the sites of Metsähallitus' nationalparks.fi website. Read the news about closing the huts.

Udated information of corona virus affections on hiking nationalparks.fi/coronavirusguidelines.