Things to Do and See in Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi

There are differences in the epidemic situation between regions in Finland. Some Nature Centres may have to close. Check the current situation on the webpage of the Destination or Nature Centre you are planning to visit.

Permanent Exhibition

  • Wilderness exhibition introduces the natural world of the Savukoski area including its fauna and flora, including bears and birch polypores. The exhibition also introduces the relationship between the humans and the wilderness – hunting, reindeer husbandry, and nature conservation.
    • Language: Finnish and English.

At the exhibition in Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi. Image: Mari Kotajärvi

Films at the Auditorium

  • Finnish Spitz's Dream (15 min)
    • Audio:  Finnish and English.
    • A story of the nature and life in Savukoski
    • Shown on request.