Accessible Services in Torronsuo National Park

Come experience the atmosphere of the open mire effortlessly with prams, wheelchairs or other mobility aids. You can get to the accessible trails of Torronsuo National Park from the Kiljamo parking area. Visitors using wheelchairs can also take the dirt road that runs for approx. 300 m in the forest from the parking lot to the Kiljamo picnic area. The national park also has accessible hiking structures.

Torronsuo accessible trails

Read the descriptions of accessible trail to figure out if you need an assistant. 

Other trails in Torronsuo

Accessibility in hiking structures

Kiljamo parking area

The road 282 has good signs to the starting point of the accessible routes to the Kiljamo parking area in Torronsuo National Park. The surface of the Kiljamo parking area is uneven, and there are potholes. The surface is compressed sand clay, crushed stone and stone. Accessible parking spaces are not separately marked.

Kiljamo picnic area

The ground surface is large pebbles and gravel on top of hard ground.

Cooking shelter: The cooking shelter has two table groups with benches and a fireplace. The height of the fireplace is 90 cm.

Campfire site: The fireplace at the outdoor campfire site is low on the ground. There are benches made of boards around the fireplace.

Toilet: The doors of the toilet building stand out clearly from the wall. The building has three doors, the ones on the sides being toilet doors. The accessible toilet is marked. There is no pull handle on the door. The length of the ramp leading to the toilet is 180 cm and the width is 155 cm. The ramp gradient is 11.2% and the lateral gradient is 2.2%. There is room for a circle of 170 cm in diameter in front of the toilet door. There are no handrails in the toilet.

The nature observation tower and wood shed are not accessible. The width of the firewood shed door is 97 cm.

Viewing platform

Both demanding accessible trails have access to the observation platform. The viewing platform is 4 m x 3 m in size and has rails that are 1.2 m high. The height of the seat on the platform is 54 cm. There are no armrests or backrest on the bench.

Partner services

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