Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • The nature trail at Byabäcken has its starting point at the parking area located on the Hindsby side of main road 4.
  • Kalkinpolttajan Nature Trail can be reached from the Tasakallio parking area or from at the end of Kalkkiuunintie road.

Photo: Jukka-Pekka Ronkainen

Nature Trails

  • Ponu's Heritage Post Nature Trail, 1,4 km at Byabäcken leads through lush forests and ends at some pastures at the side of main road 4. From there it is about 1 km along the road to the parking area (please do not cut through the fields across crops). There are six post boxes along the trail, which have within them fun post cards from different eras addressed from one forest animal to another. The post cards were created to draw visitors' attention to the different parts of the surrounding heritage landscape and the species found there. If you look closely you will even find an old cow bell in a pine near the second last post box. The trail is marked with red markings on tree trunks.
    • Sights: During summer there are horses in the area's pastures. They help in the upkeep of the heritage landscape.
  • Sotunki Kalkinpolttajan Nature Trail, 4,8 km. (ex Kalkkiruukin Nature trail) The trail leads through demanding terrain. Kalkinpolttajan Nature Trail circles in the field and forest landscape in the traditional limestone mining and agricultural area within the vicinity of the village of Sotunki, Vantaa. The limestone mine is located on the land that used to belong to Håkansböle Manor. In addition to the traditional agricultural livelihoods, limestone-quarrying and lime-burning were practised in the area. The archaeologists have not found any signs of the lime works area in the vicinity of the nature trail, but they have found limestone quarries and lime kilns.
    • Services: A campfire site and a lean-to shelter. There are parking spaces in the Tasakalliontie parking area. Walk from the parking area along the gravel trail for about 600 meters to reach the starting point of the trail: first along Nybergintie road for around 300 meters, after which turn left to Kuusikorvenkuja alley. This interval is marked with red fiber ribbons. There are steel stairs in the trail. It is possible for a dog to walk beside the stairs.
    • Sights: The nature trail runs in the shelter of the forest, takes you to the limestone mine and ascends onto the rocks. From the highest rock, called Högberget, views open out across the forests, all the way to the cranes at Vuosaari Harbour.
  • A new accessible route has been built at Sipoonkorvi National Park. The route is demanding and it starts at the Tasakallio parking area and leads to Storträsk. There is a new campfire site, a dry toilet and a wood shelter at Storträsk. An accessible toilet is now being built and it will be ready for use within a few weeks. See the map (julkaisut.metsa.fi) (Updated 3.7.2019).

Trails in the Area Surrounding Sipoonkorpi

There are marked jogging and recreation trails in the surrounding area. For example:

Destination Brochure

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Dogs must be kept on a leash! Photo: Seppo Leinonen.

Dogs must be kept on a leash!