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Have you always wanted to set off on a quest like the ones you read about in The Famous Five books – invite all your friends, pack a picnic full of goodies and head off for adventure?  There is plenty to choose from amongst our historical attractions, and there's no age limit on adventure.

Historical attractions steeped in nature tell stories of people living at one with her or, at times, struggling to survive in her. The efforts that have been made towards preserving heritage farms or the culture of the archipelago represent a living form of cultural heritage. The many wars that have swept over our country and raged at our borders have left their mark on the environment. The sites presenting our military history also preserve national memories.

On state land, you find yourself at the very root of culture. The scenery from the fell tops of Lapland, with its subtle and hidden meanings, is part of the cultural heritage of the Sami people. Old routes crisscrossing the woods and markings carved or painted on trees or rocks tell their own silent story of past travellers.

You can also admire the same stately scenery that struck a chord in the hearts of the artists who worked in the golden era. "At Koli! One of the greatest experiences of my life. Plans forming. ‘La Montaigne'." This is what Jean Sibelius wrote in his journal, perhaps already hearing the beginnings of his fourth symphony. One is still allowed to be dumb-struck by the beauty of nature!

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