Directions to Sipoonkorpi National Park

To the Hiking Trails

Knuters parking area: Knutersintie 667, Helsinki
Byabäcken: Länsitie 237, Sipoo
Källängen: Länsitie 152, Sipoo
Bakunkärr: Knutersintie 421, Sipoo
Flatberget / Tasakallio: Tasakalliontie 1, Vantaa (Some of the parking area is out of use from 5 May to 29 October 2021.)
Kuusijärvi Outdoor Area: Kuusijärventie 3, Vantaa

By Bus to Sipoonkorpi

  • To Northern Sipoonkorpi, to Byabäcken river valley
    • to the Jokivarrentie bus stop at Länsitie (Si1422) can be reached by the Nikinmäki–Nikkilä buses 785, 785K, 787, 787A, 787K, 788, and 788K leaving from Helsinki Railway Square. From the stop along Länsitie, the distance is about 1.5 km to the Källängen information board, and about 2.5 km to the starting point of the Byabäcken nature trail.
    • On school days, Hindsby can be accessed by bus 984K from Talma and Nikkilä in Sipoo. The distance from Hindsby to the departure point of the Byabäcken nature trail is 1.4 km along Länsitie. 
  • To Southwest of Sipoonkorpi, Sotunki
    • Bus 736 from Vantaa, Tikkurila to Sotunki. From the Kalkkiuunintie stop (V9810) there is a distance of about 500 metres to the nature trail (Kalkinpolttajanpolku).  
  • To the western part of Sipoonkorpi, Kuusjärvi
    • Bus 738 from Kalasatama, and bus 736 from Tikkurila to the Kuusjärvi Outdoor Area. The Kuusijärvi (V9719) stop is only a few hundred meters away from the services at Café Kuusijärvi. The path leading to the national park, leading to Lake Bisajärvi, can be reached through the courtyard area. It is marked with orange diamonds. 
  • To the southeast of Sipoonkorpi, Knuters and Bakunkärr trails
    • Bus 839K to the Degermossa stop (Knuters road). From Itäkeskus and Landbo by busses 831 and 831K.
  • The timetables can be found in the route guide service for regional traffic in Helsinki (

By car to Sipoonkorpi

  • Byäbäcken, located in the northern part of Sipoonkorpi, is in Hindsby, Sipoo, along the Länsitie, about 30 km from Helsinki. Byabäcken can be reached, for example, via Jokivarrentie no. 1521 (Nikinmäki–Nikkilä). Jokivarrentie can be reached by e.g. from Lahdentie (no. 140) or Keravantie (no. 148). From Jokivarrentie, turn left to Länsitie, according to Hindsby signs. The small parking area in Källängen (Länsitie 152, Sipoo) is also located along Länsitie, 1.5 km from the intersection of Jokivarrentie and Länsitie. The parking area for the Byabäcken nature trail (Länsitie 237, Sipoo) is located about 2.5 km from the junction, on the right-hand side of the road. Byabäcken can also be reached via Hindsby.
  • The Kuusijärvi Outdoor Area in the western part of Sipoonkorpi can be reached via Lahdenväylä (no. 4) and Lahdentie. The parking area (Kuusijärventie 3, Vantaa) has space for 250 cars. 
  • The Knuters parking area (Knutersintie 667) with its 160 spaces for cars and the Bakunkärr parking area (Knutersintie 421) in the southeast of Sipoonkorpi can be reached from Porvoonväylä (E18) at junction no. 54 towards Landbo.  
  • You can access the southwest part of Sipoonkorpi through Sotunki, in Vantaa. For example, when arriving from the Ring III direction, take the Hakunila exit and continue north to the Hakunilantie road past the Hakunila Sports Park to Sotungintie road. Continue the Nybyggetintie road to the Tasakalliontie parking area. Drive to the parking area on Kalkkiuunintie from Sotungintie via Nurmimäentie. Parking only allowed in marked parking areas. Unauthorised roadside parking is monitored.

Please note! There are few parking spaces on Tasakalliontie and it would be good to reserve them for people with reduced mobility and those hiking with prams. We recommend primarily using other parking spaces.

Sipoonkorpi Brochure

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