Customer Service and Guidance

  • Siida - The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre
    • The customer service point of Metsähallitus in Siida offers information about Inari Hiking Area and other hiking destinations in Northern Lapland Area. In addition to the permanent and temporary exhibitions, Siida offers information on hiking, and sells maps and permits for the whole of Northern Lapland.
  • Ivalo Customer Service
    • Information and maps for the whole of Northern Lapland.
    • Permits for fishing, hunting and driving motor vehicles cross-country.

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations in Inari Hiking Area

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Cáfes, Restaurants, Shops and Kiosks

  • There is restaurant Sarrit ( in Siida.
  • Shops, cáfes and restaurants can be found in the village of Inari.
  • There is a cáfe in Myössäjärvi.

Campfire Sites

  • In the hiking area there are about 30 maintained campfire sites. They are with often a lean-to shelter or a Campfire hut, and a dry toilet. The campfire sites are usually located along trails and at recreational fishing places.
  • There are campfire sites with a shelter in Pielpavuono, Suovasaari, Petäjäsaari, Kahkusaari, Kärppäsaari, Tyllylahti and Lusmanuora. Campfire sites without shelters are located at the ice cave of Iso-Maura and in front of Veskoniemi on Palosaari Island.
  • Day-use huts are meant for resting and lighting a fire. There are two day-use huts in Inari Hiking Area:
    • Haapakoski
    • Otsamo
  • Making open fires is always prohibited at both marked campfire sites and when fires are permitted by the land owner if a wildfire warning has been issued for the area (
    • This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue.

Drinking Water

  • The water in the lakes, brooks and rivers in the area is normally suitable for drinking, but it has not been tested.
  • It is advisable not to drink the water of Lake Inarijärvi in the immediate vicinity of the village of Inari, but running water is suitable for drinking.

Waste Management

  • The municipal recycling point is in the middle of the village. There are also recycling points in the boat harbours of Veskoniemi, Nangunniemi, Nellim and Inari.
  • There are waste bins at the open wilderness huts and the day-use huts.
  • Biodegradable waste should be placed in a dry toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire.
  • Read more about Hiking without littering.


  • There are dry toilets at the open wilderness huts, the day-use huts, and some campfire sites.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to shelters

  • There are free camping sites in Inari and Ukonjärvi. Outside villages, you may choose freely where to camp, according to the Everyman's right.

Open Wilderness Huts

In open wilderness huts, it is possible to stay over one or two nights. For more information, see the Types of Huts page.

  • Petäjäsaari Hut, on the northwestern shore of Hoikka Petäjäsaari Island on Lake Inarijärvi.
  • Jääsaari Hut, on the southeastern shore of Iso Jääsaari Island on Lake Inarijärvi.
  • Kaikunuora Hut, on the southern part of Lake Inarijärvi, in the northern end of Sarminiemi.
  • Kärppäsaari Hut, south of Varttasaari Island on Lake Inarijärvi, in the northern end of Kärppäsaari Island.
  • Kahkusaari Hut, northeast of Viimassaari Island on Lake Inarijärvi, on the southeastern shore of Kahkusaari Island.

Rental Cabins

You can reserve a rental cabin to stay with just your own group. The following cabins are rented through Lomarengas Oy.

  • Nukkumajoki Cabin, about 10 km south of the village of Inari.
  • Ukonjärvi Cabin, along the main road 4 (Ivalo-Inari), about 16 km north of Ivalo, at Lake Ukonjärvi.
  • Petäjäsaari Cabin, on the western shore of Hoikka Petäjäsaari Island on Lake Inarijärvi, in a sheltered bay.  

Camping Grounds and Services for Caravan Tourists

  • In the village of Inari and at Lake Ukonjärvi.


  • In the village of Inari, at Lake Ukonjärvi, and in rental cabins of Metsähallitus.

Hotels and Holiday Cottages

  • In the village of Inari.


  • In Veskoniemi, Nanguniemi, Nellim and Inari.

Lodging in the Surrounding Areas

  • There are accommodation services, for example, in Ivalo, Saariselkä and Kaamanen.

Equipment Rental

Accessible Services

  • All the exhibitions in Siida ( - The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre are accessible by wheelchair. In the outdoor museum, an assistant is needed.
  • There is an accessible campfire site at Jäniskoski along Juutuanjoki River.     
  • It is possible to get by car to the campfire site of Kettulammi and Kettukoskenniska in Riutula.
  • From the parking area on top of Tuulispää, you can get a view over Lake Inarijärvi.
  • By using the services offered by local companies, it is possible to visit the park both in the summer and in the winter. There are several private companies organising boat trips on Lake Inarijärvi. Many facilities in the area are suitable for wheelchair users.

Services for Boaters


  • On Lake Inarijärvi, there are marked channels, which should be used because there are plenty of rocks elsewhere.
  • The general depth of the channels is 1,8 m, but in some narrow places and near the shore it is only 1 m. The huts around the lake are usually easy to approach, but there are no official marked channels to the huts.
  • The boat channels and depths are marked in Inarijärven veneilykartta (Lake Inarijärvi boating map no 480).


  • Fishing harbours and boat harbours are located in Veskoniemi, Nanguniemi, Nellim and Inari.

Boat Ramps

  • Boat ramps are located in Ivalo, Veskoniemi, Nanguniemi, Nellim, Ukonjärvi, Inari, Väylä, Partakko and Nitsijärvi.

Where to Buy Fuel

  • There is no fuel available in the harbours, but in the village of Inari and in Nellim the petrol stations in the village are close to the harbour.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • An ATM, post office services, a health clinic, two food shops, a medicine cupboard, a taxi and a petrol station can be found in the village of Inari.
  • The nearest health centre, pharmacy and the other shops are located in Ivalo.
  • There is an air transport service in Inari.
  • The local companies ( offer guided tours, such as fishing trips, boat trips, whitewater rafting trips and snow mobile trips.
  • Find out more about visiting Lapland (