Top 5 locations in Hossa for nature photographers

A photographer is taking a picture of a hazy lake. The sun is shining and is creating a mirror image on the lake's suraface.

Hossa offers plenty of scenic spots ranging from woods to water areas. The old esker-top pine forests, dusky spruce stands and clear lakes and streams appear new every time, depending on the time of day and as the seasons and weather change. The Syrjä-Somerjärvi and Julma Ölkky steep cliffs have also inspired Stone Age artists.

Many of the destinations at Hossa National Park are easily accessible: wheelchair-users and those with babies in pushchairs may admire the sparkling Muikkupuro stream. The shore of Lake Kokalmus is easily accessible, too. Visitors can enjoy magnificent sunsets and, afterwards, a beautiful moonpath on the lake.

1. Muikkupuro creek

Hikers at a windbreak. A clear stream is visible in the foreground.

To see: Beautiful brook with clear water. The lean-to shelter is located at a truly beautiful site. Easy to reach. You have a good chance of hearing a black-throated diver in Iso-Valkeinen and Keski-Valkeinen, two lakes known for their clear water. The path goes through a pine forest and the distance from the parking area is about 1.3 kilometres.

Accessibility: Easily available when the ground is unfrozen. Accessible trail goes to lean-to-shelter. In winter you can snow shoe walk or ski to Muikkupuro. In winter no maintained track.

How to get there: Walking distance 1.5 kilometres from Hossalaislammit parking area (Hossalaislammien pysäköintialue).

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2. Julma-Ölkky canyon lake

A skier on a frozen lake. Large ice formations are present on the surrounding cliffs.

To see: Observation point/landscape photography spot. At their highest point, the rock walls of the Julma-Ölkky canyon lake rise 45 metres above the water level. You will have the best photo opportunities when in a boat or a canoe or when standing on top of the cliffs. Around noon on a clear summer day, there is a big contrast in lighting between the shady and the sunny side. The distance from the parking area is about 800 metres.

Accessibility: Easily available on waters in summertime. In summer the boat trip suits for little children and elderly visitors. Hiking trails are demanding. In winter time possibility to go on snow shoes or ski on ice covered lake. No maintained track in winter. Winter maintenance of Julma-Ölkyntie road can ask from Hossa Visitor Centre.

How to get there: From Julma-Ölkky parking area by boat, canoe, snow shoes or skiing onto the rock walls 1 kilometre, hiking around the lake 5 or 10 kilometres long circular hiking trails.

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3. Kokalmus beach

Two hikers are jumping in the air at a summer lake beach.

To see: Shore of lake Kokalmus. The atmosphere on the shore is magnificent during summer nights and mornings. An excellent spot for drone photographers. The distance from the Rytikangas parking area is about 500 metres.

Accessibility: Easily available when the ground is unfrozen. In winter time hard to access. No maintained track in winter.

How to get there: On Kokalmuksen kierros hiking trail by cycling or hiking 6 kilometres from Hossalaislammit parking (Hossalaislammit pysäköintialue) and from Rytikangas parking area 500 metres.

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4. Huosivirta river

A stream flows freely, while ice floes form on the lake. The beaches are snowy.

To see: Flowing water, scenery. Summer and winter. Stream at the western end of Huosiharju. Remains open in winter. A road accessible by car crosses the river.

Accessibility: Easily available all year round.

How to get there: Jatkonsalmentie road across Huosivirta 2.6 kilometres to West from Hossa Visitor Centre.

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5. Lounatkoski rapids

A kingcup grows wide in front of a stream, with a mill in the background.

To see: Rapids with a strong current. Open all year round. A mill is located close to the site. The river flows in a narrow channel and during periods of sub-zero temperatures in winter, the trees on the shores are covered with frost.

Accessibility: Easily available when the ground is unfrozen. In winter time by snow shoes on unbroken snow cover. No maintained track in winter.

How to get there: The walking distance to the site is about 250 metres from small parking area in Jatkonsalmi road.

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