Directions to Torronsuo National Park

Torronsuo National Park is located in the municipality of Tammela, west of the main road 2. Torronsuo is 11 km from Forssa, 15 km from Somero, 60 km from Hämeenlinna, 90 km from Turku and 119 km from Helsinki. The nearest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

To the Hiking Trails

  • The parking area of the National Park is located in Kiljamo, along the Forssa - Somero road (Road 282, Tammela). The hiking trails start from the parking area.
  • The address of the parking area is Somerontie 732, Tammela.

By Car to Torronsuo

There are signs to Torronsuo National Park on the main road 2 (Helsinki - Pori). From the main road 2, turn west towards Somero (road 282). The fork of the road is about 112 km from Helsinki and about 3 km from Forssa. On the road 282, drive for about 7 km following the signs to the national park. The parking area of the national park is along this road (Somerontie 732).

The parking area has space for 35 cars and 2 buses. The parking area is ploughed in winter. 

Please note: When the skiing tracks of Torronsuo are groomed the parking area fills quickly. Parking is not allowed on the shoulder of road 282.

By Bus to Torronsuo

There is no public transportation to the area.