Abisko - Staddajåkka - Kvikkjokk, 394 km and Abisko - Staddajåkka - Sulitjelma, 329 km

During a forest fire warning (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi), fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue or in fireplaces at huts, but only with extreme caution. The one who lights the fire is always responsible for its safety. Making a fire at campfire sites can be banned locally.
The flood destroyed the Vuomakasjoki bridge on the Nordkalott Trail and a new one will be built in 2022. You have to wade across the Vuomakasjoki River.

 Three people carrying backpacks in a lush valley surrounded by steep mountains. Beautiful sunny summer day.

From Abisko to Sälka the route follows Sweden's famous Kungsleden Trail. Information on huts on Kungsleden Trail can be found in Swedish on the Svenska Turistföreningen website (svenskaturistforeningen.se)

  • Abisko fjällstation - Abiskojaure fjällstuga 15 km
  • Abiskojauren fjällstuga - Alesjauren fjällstuga 20 km
  • Alesjauren fjällstuga - Tjäkta fjällstuga 13 km
  • Tjäkta fjällstuga - Sälka fjällstuga 12 km
  • Sälka fjällstuga - Hukejaure fjällstuga 12 km

Information on the following huts located in Norway can be found in Norwegian on UT.no website (ut.no, in Norwegian).

  • Hukejauren fjällstuga - Gautelishytta (Norway) 17 km
  • Gautelishytta - Skoaddejavrihytta (Norway) 17 km
  • Skoaddejavrihytta - Sitashytta (Norway) 22 km
  • Sitashytta - Paurohytta (Norway) 24 km
  • Paurohytta - Röysvatn hytta (Norway) 25 km
  • Röysvatn hytta - Vaisaluokta fjällstuga (Norway) 53 km

Vaisaluokta - Kvikkjokk (Sweden)

Padjelantaleden Trail leads to Kvikkjokk. Information on Padjelanta National Park located in Sweden, Padjelantaleden Trail and the huts on this trail can be found in Swedish on the website of Norbotten County Administrative Board (lanstyrelsen.se, in Swedish).

  • Vaisaluoktan fjällstuga - Kutjaure fjällstuga 18 km
  • Kutjauren fjällstuga - Låddejåkka fjällstuga 19 km
  • Låddejåkka fjällstuga - Arasluokta fjällstuga 13 km
  • Arasluokta fjällstuga - Staloluokta fjällstuga 12 km
  • Staloluoktan fjällstuga - Staddajåkkå fjällstuga 12 km

Route Option 1: Staddajåkka – Sulitjelma, Norway

Information on the Sulitjelma fell area can be found in Norwegian on UT.no website (ut.no, in Norwegian).

  • Staddajåkkå fjällstuga - Sårjåsjauren fjällstuga 6 km
  • Sårjåsjaure fjällstuga - Sorjushytta (Norway) 9 km
  • Sorjushytta - Ny Sulitjelma fjellstue (Norway) n 7 km
  • Ny Sulitjelma fjellstue - Sulitjelma (Norway) n. 3 km

Route Option 2: Staddajåkkå - Kvikkjokk (Sweden)

  • Staddajåkkå fjällstuga - Pieskehaure fjällstuga  29 km
  • Pieskehaure fjällstuga - Vaimok fjällstuga 18 km
  • Vaimok fjällstuga - Tarrekaise fjällstuga 22 km
  • Tarrekaise fjällstuga - Njunjes fjällstuga 6 km
  • Njunjes fjällstuga - Kvikkjokk fjällstation 6 km

There are huts on Nordkalott Trail owned by Norway's Statskog. Some of these huts are open while others are locked and rentable.