Nordkalott Trail is a demanding hiking trail and not suitable for beginners. All the structures planned for the trail have not yet been built and at some points wilderness huts are very far apart. We recommend that you bring a tent with you. There are 40 wilderness huts along the entire trail, and hikes between them span from 10 to 50 km.

When setting out hikers should make sure that they have proper equipment and clothing as weather conditions can change very suddenly. We recommend that you do not venture into the fell area alone.

Parts of Nordkalott Trail are covered by scree rock and therefore demanding to hike. The larger rivers such as the Bierfejohka and Vuomakasjoki, two of the largest in Finland, have bridges over them, but smaller streams must be crossed by wading.

Hikers should reserve about a week for the Kilpisjärvi - Halti - Kilpisjärvi section of the trail. When hiking from Kilpisjärvi to Abisko or Kautokeino you will need to reserve even more time than this. These two sections of the trail require experience; especially in Norway the trail requires diligence as the markings for the trail are painted onto rocks and it can be difficult at times to follow the route.