Services in Teijo Nature Centre


Accessible services

  • All premises of the Nature Centre are accessible for wheelchairs. The building is equipped with an accessible toilet.
  • There is wheelchair access (when assisted) from the Nature Centre grounds to the shore of Lake Matildanjärvi (200 m away) and to the first part of the Jeturkasti trail.
  • The cooking shelter, dry toilet, pier and rowing boat at Kariholma are accessible for wheelchairs. The 600 m gravel-covered trail from the parking area to Kariholma is accessible for wheelchair users if assisted. The barrier on the trail can be opened by request, to provide cars with access to the shore. The Kariholma parking area is around 700 m from the Nature Centre grounds, along a sandy road and road for cars.
  • An accessible toilet is located in the outer wing of the Nature Centre by the entrance ramp.
  • Premises are accessible by wheelchair, two wheelchairs at a time.