Iivaara Nature Reserve Trails

During a forest fire warning (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi), fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue or in fireplaces at huts, but only with extreme caution. The one who lights the fire is always responsible for its safety. Making a fire at campfire sites can be banned locally.
The Iirinki trail is closed for the time being due to storm damage. The trail is impassable due to the fallen trees that have blocked both the Iirinki route and the Iivaara slope. The damage assessment is still ongoing.

Hiking Trails

Storm damage at Iivaara. Iirinki Day Hiking Trail is not in use at the moment. A thunderstorm raging in a large area in 22.6.2021 has cut down trees on the Iirinki route and the Iivaara slope. The damage assessment is still ongoing.

Starting Points for Trails

  • Iirinki Trail can be accessed from the Hiltusentie parking area on the west side of the area.

A close-up of a metal sign, the text "Iivaara 470 MPY" is written on the sign. A fell landscape opens up in the background.

Marked Trail

  • Iirinki Trail, 9 km, is a circular trail in the hill landscape of Iivaara. It is generally easy going, but has some demanding sections. The trail is marked with wooden poles with green reflectors. The trail begins from the parking area by Hiltusentie road, and has a vantage point, Iivaara campfire site, and Näätälampi open wilderness hut along the route. Starting and ending points: Hiltusentie parking area next to Lake Ahvenjärvi.

A hiker reading an information board next to a big spruce tree. A woodshed made of logs is standing next to the tree.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

  • Iivaara Ski Trail, 40 km, is an easy trail that is open from 15 February to 30 April (or until there is enough snow for skiing). Around 11 km of the trail passes through the Iivaara area. The cross-country ski trail is not lighted. The skiing direction can be chosen freely. The ski trail is maintained by the City of Kuusamo using a snowmobile (manager's contact details: Iivaaran Eräkartano, tel. +358 40 359 0212 or Kimmo +358 400454 250).

Snowmobile Route

  • The snowmobile route from the north, 10 km, passes to Näätälampi open wilderness hut and further on to Murtovaara and Kuusamo either directly or via Lämsänkylä or Törmäsenvaara villages. Snowmobiling is free in Kuusamo for non-locals also.