Renovation of the piers in Linnansaari has started

(Updated September 1st 2021)

Renovation of the piers of Linnansaari has started. The work begins in Sammakkoniemi with the pier for serviceboats and the pier for canoes. The main pier is in use for now.

Badger is stealing food in Linnansaari

(Updated August 13th 2021)

A badger has been stealing and eating hikers' food at Sammakkoniemi and Perpulanluhda camping sites. Please, do not leave your food or trash unattended. 

Be Sure of the Quality of the Well Water 

(Updated June 15th 2021)

Check the status of well water quality from the page "Services".

Kamarluoto Jetty Out of Use

(Updated August 18th 2020)

The jetty of Kamarluoto in Linnansaari is out of use at the moment. New jetty will be constructed during 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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