What's Currently Happening in Linnansaari National Park

Kolovesi National Park in the winter

(updated 17.12.2022)

Kolovesi National Park is closed for the winter. There is no winter maintenance on the snowy roads or routes in the National Park area.


Report Seal Carcasses or seals in need of help

It is essential for the conservation of the Saimaa ringed seal that all dead seals are examined. Please, report +358 206 39 5000. More information.

Badger warning in Linnansaari

(Updated 14/09/2022 and 19/09/2022)

Attention to hikers in Linnansaari and especially in Sammakkoniemi! A badger used to easy food steals food from hikers in Sammakkoniemi. Don't leave any food unattended outside or in the tent! You should lift the food for example on a tree branch or somewhere higher or put it in a waterproof bag, so that the smells do not attract unwanted visitors.

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