Jussi's campfire shelter is located next to the Kymppi segment in the vicinity of the former runway. The campfire shelter is accessible to all. The bottom of the shelter has been paved. There are tables and benches at the shelter and the possibility of using electricity. The electric box: three normal 16A sockets, one 16A three-phase current socket, one 32A three-phase current socket and two 63A three-phase current sockets. 

Next to the Jussi's campfire shelter, there is a building that has four dry toilets and one dry toilet with easy access, a woodshed and electricity. The woodshed is not accessible to all, so if you are not accompanied by an assistant, contact the Metsähallitus Customer Service (sisasuomi(at)metsa.fi, tel. int. +358 206 39 5270) and we will get the firewood ready for you.

The rental price of the campfire shelter is 75 € / day, rental time 14:00–12:00. Reservations: Metsähallitus Customer Service, sisasuomi(at)metsa.fi, tel. int. +358 206 39 5270.

Keys for the Jussi's campfire shelter are in the key cabinet located on the outside wall of the woodshed. The key cabinet will open with the code that you get when you make the reservation. The key must be returned to the key cabinet after reservation. If the key is lost, we collect a compensation fee of 100 euros.

More information: Evo Camping Centre.

A roof-covered resting place, there is a fire pit and long tables and benches beneath the roof.

A wooden footpath leading to a terrace next to a wooden building. Five doors are leading into the building from the terrace.

Terms of reservation

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