Korouoma Nature Reserve Trails

At Korouoma the route between Pirunkirkko and Julmakallio is now closed from visitors. The stairs at the route are in very bad condition. We will inform later about the repair schedule.

An entrance gate in the shape of a log barn. There are information boards inside the building and a person is leaning against the wall in the background. There is snow on the roof and in the surrounding.

Starting Points for the Trails

Korouoma Hiking Trails

Koronjää, 5 km, Circular Trail

Hiking Snow shoe walking Sightseeing Ice climbing Parking Fireplace Lean-to shelter

The trail can be done when the ground is unfrozen. In addition, throughout the year, depending on snow conditions.
Duration 1‒2 h.

Category: Demanding trail demanding trail due to the altitude differences

The only trail in Finland where you can admire gorgeous frozen waterfalls in winter and beautiful river scenery in summer, and always sense the presence of the magnificent cliffs.

A wide frozen waterfall on the uneven cliff, sparsely grown trees can be seen on top and at the foot of the cliff.

The trail runs along a former horse road, and there are information boards on the area's logging history along the trail. The trail takes hikers onto the top of cliffs with magnificent views, and to the bottom of the canyon.

Along the trail, hikers will get a chance to admire the three largest frozen waterfalls at Korouoma, which are called Jaska Jokunen (Charlie Brown), Ruskea virta (the Brown River) and Mammuttiputous (the Mammoth Fall).

The lush vegetation and the river bubbling in the canyon in summer, the autumn colours, and the gorgeous frozen waterfalls in winter are definitely sights worth seeing!

Starting Point
Saukkovaara parking area.

Hiking Structures
Nine information boards. The Hannunkallio lookout point with railings and wooden benches. Rope railings at the steepest parts of the trail to make the going easier. The Kanjonilaavu lean-to shelter and campfire sites.

Hannunkallio lookout point, River Korojoki, flood meadows, the canyon and its rock walls. Magnificent frozen waterfalls in winter. Read more about the sights in Korouoma.

Trail Description
Trail marking: wooden poles with green ribbons and yellow reflectors.
Recommended direction: clockwise.

The trail starts at the Saukkovaara parking area and runs to the Hannunkallio lookout point. From there, it descends to the banks of the River Korojoki, where you can admire three large frozen waterfalls in the winter, which are Jaska Jokunen (Charlie Brown), Mammuttiputous (the Mammoth Fall) and Ruskea virta (the Brown River). The trail then ascends, via the Kanjonilaavu lean-to shelter, back to Saukkovaara.

Korouoma Hiking Trail, 25 km / Direction

Hiking Snow shoe walking Sightseeing Ice climbing Parking Fireplace Lean-to shelter Open Wilderness Hut

When the ground is unfrozen.
Duration about 1‒2 days.

Category: Intermediate trail intermediate

The trail runs through the majestic landscape of the Korouoma Canyon with its cliffs and eskers.

A cliff face and a scree field on the ravine floor. Several stones are covered in moss.

Starting Point
Koivuköngäs or Lapiosalmi (Lastenlampi).

Hiking Structures
Ten lean-to shelters, one open wilderness hut and one day trip hut.

Koivuköngäs Rapids, Pirunkirkko (boulder), River Korojoki, flood meadows, the canyon with its rock walls, patches of herb-rich forest, eskers at the south-eastern corner and the crystal-clear lakes. Read more about the sights in Korouoma.

Trail Description
Trail marking: orange paint on trees.

The trail starts at Koivuköngäs, descends into the canyon, and then follows the River Korojoki upstream. There are several maintained flood meadows along the trail. Towards the end, the trail climbs onto the eskers, offering splendid views of crystal-clear lakes.

Please, notice
There is a beawer living in the area between Pirunkirkko and Julmakallio. It has caused flood and the river bank has collapsed on some parts. A couple of bridges have fallen down. The route is available when turning away from the path from afar and across the beawer dams. Rubber boots or waterproof hiking shoes are recommended.

In Korouoma the route between Pirunkirkko and Julmakallio is closed from visitors. The stairs in the route are in very bad condition.


Korouoma–Simojärvi Hiking Trail, 23 km 

The hiking trail connects the Korouoma, Simojärvi and Soppana areas. The trail is suitable for independent hikers.

More information is available on the Simojärvi and Soppana webpages

Cross-country Skiing Trails 

There are no maintained skiing trails in Korouoma. 
  • During winter visitors can either ski or walk with snowshoes through the valley. During early spring a maintenance skiing trail is made by skiers from Saukkovaara Hill to Pajupuro open wilderness hut. During the middle of winter Korouoma has some of Finland's finest ice climbing destinations. 
Read more of skiing and tracks on Posio Lapland pages (posiolapland.com)

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