Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area

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Location of Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area in Finland.Lapland, Northern Lapland Region
Municipalities of Utsjoki (www.utsjoki.fi, in Finnish) and Inari (www.inari.fi)
Area: 2 924 sq.km. Established in 1991.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.


Kaldoaivi is the largest wilderness area in Finland. The landscape of this roadless fell area varies surprisingly from deep, steep river valleys to gentle fell slopes. The protected mires of Sammuttijänkä-Vaijoenjänkä are connected to the wilderness area on the southwestern side. The unbroken wilderness does not end at the Finnish side of the border, but the roadless area continues onto the Norwegian side, too. Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area is suitable for day trips as well as treks lasting for several days. For an experienced hiker, the area is a rewarding destination. A beginner should explore the area together with a more experienced hiker.

Tsuomasjärvi lake. Photo: Markus Sirkka

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