Kylmäluoma Hiking Area Trails

Only 2 km of the Hukanharjunpolku Trail is in use in Kylmäluoma. Other routes are still out of order following the storm in June.

Three hikers are sitting in the lean-to shelter. One of them puts the sausages to fry on the grill above the campfire.

Hiking Trails

Only 2 km of the Hukanharjunpolku Trail is in use in Kylmäluoma. Other routes are still out of order following the storm in June.

Starting Points for Trails

There are 54 km of marked trails in the hiking area.

  • The main starting point for day trip trails is the Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre. The trails close to the outdoor centre are circle trails, which cross over each other on Hukanharju Ridge and then return to the outdoor centre. By combining circle trails, hikes can range from 4 to 16 km.
  • Hikes of over one day are possible if you combine day trip trails and connecting trails in the western part of the hiking area.
  • A connecting trail to Hossa National Park has its starting point at the outdoor centre.

An arch over the road at the gate of Kylmäluoma.

Nature Trail

Kylmäluoma Nature Trail, 4 km. The trail's starting point is at the outdoor centre. The trail features the area's nature, the formation of Kylmäluoma's landscape, logging, meadow agriculture and the area's animals and unique natural features. The trail is marked with white paint markings on the side of trees. The beginning of the trail is level and easy to walk, but after passing the campfire site and campfire hut the trail follows a steep stairway to the top of Hukanharju Ridge and then leads along the ridge.

  • Services: A campfire hut, a campfire site and a dry toilet on the shore of Lake Maantielampi at the halfway point of the trail.
  • It takes about 2 hours to walk the trail and study the information boards.

Circle Trails

Hukanharjunpolku Trail, 5 km is the second most popular trail in Kylmäluoma beaten only by the nature trail. The trail winds around the shores of Lake Iso-Pajuluomajärvi and along the top of Hukanharju Ridge. A view of the area's most spectacular lake and ridge landscape opens from this trail.

  • Services: Lean-to shelters at Pajusalmi Sound and at Lake Pikku-Pajuluomajärvi. Both lean-to shelters have a campfire site and a dry toilet.
  • It takes about 1,5 hours to walk this trail.

A child on a trail on the crest of a ridge, with pine trees and a lake in the background.

Kivikkovaaranpolku Trail, 8,5 km. The trail turns off of the nature trail at Lake Pajulampi and winds around the surrounding area, returning to the outdoor centre along the same route as Hukanharjunpolku Trail. The landscape is dotted by mires and small lakes. Wetlands along the route have duckboards. The trail is a popular cloudberry picking spot.

  • Services: A lean-to shelter at Lake Vanielinlampi.
  • It takes about 2 hours to walk this trail.

Kattaisenpolku Trail, 16 km. The trail circles Kattaisenvaara Hill and Lake Kattaisenjärvi around their west side towards the north and continues north to the area's boundary at Lake Kolkkojärvi. From there it returns to the outdoor centre along the same route as Hukanharjunpolku Trail. The landscape along the trail is wilderness-like, with lakes and rugged ridges. The forests along the trail vary from pine saplings to old-growth forests.

  • Services: Lean-to shelters on the shores of Lakes Valkeinen, Kattaisenjärvi and Kolkkojärvi.
  • It takes about 4 hours to walk this trail.

Trail markings on a pine tree. A hiker can be seen on a trail in the background.

Other Trails

Aarnialueen polku Trail, 9 km. This trail turns west at Kattaisenvaara Hill off of Kattaisenpolku Trail. It leads through a protected old-growth forest on top of Kylmäluomaharju Ridge and on to the west end of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi. From there the trail name changes to Päätalopolku Trail and continues on to Taivalkoski.

  • Services: A wooden campfire hut at Lake Kylmäluomajärvi and a lean-to shelter at the lake's west end. A rental cabin, Aarnikämppä, in the protected old-growth forest.
  • There are several good spots for swimming on the shores of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi. They are located near the campfire hut and lean-to shelter.

Päätalopolku Trail, 21 km The starting point for this trail is at the west end of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi travels for 3 km within the hiking area. It then continues on to Lake Harjajärvi and from there to the municipal centre of Taivalkoski ( The part of the trail, which is outside of the hiking area, is managed by the Municipality of Taivalkoski.

Petäjävaaranpolku Trail, 7,5 km. This trail is a connecting trail which turns at the west end of Lake Kattaisenjärvi off of Kattaisenpolku Trail and leads past Lake Ahvenisenlampi and Petäjävaara Hill to Kylmäluomaharju Ridge. On the ridge the trail combines with Aarnialueenpolku Trail. The most valuable old-growth forests in the Kylmäluoma Hiking Area are at Petäjävaara.

  • Services: The Ahveninen rental cabin and a lean-to shelter at Lake Iso-Ahveninen. The trail crosses a trail, which leads to Hukantupa reservable wilderness hut. It is 1 km to the wilderness hut from the crossroads. There is a lean-to shelter on the west side of Petäjävaara Hill.

Skiing Trails

There are usually maintained cross-country ski trails in the Kylmäluoma area. In winter 2020-2021, the skiing trail Hukanharjunlatu is mainly maintained on weekends, especially during winter holiday weeks 8-10. 

The Hukanharjunlatu Skiing Trail, 5,5 km, is suitable for both classical and free-style cross-country skiing. The trail's starting point is at the visitor centre and from there it goes past the campfire hut at Lake Maantielampi and then circles Lake Iso-Pajuluomajärvi and returns to the visitor centre.

Kylmäluoma skiing trails map (1,3 MB,

For current information on the condition of the area's trails, contact the Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre reception desk, tel. int. +358 40 500 3476.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

There are plenty of small lakes in Kylmäluoma Hiking Area. They offer wonderful row boating and canoeing possibilities. The area does not have marked canoe routes or flowing waters. The River Iijoki Canoe Route is about 5 km from the hiking area. The outdoor centre rents canoes and row boats. Boats owned by visitors may be kept at the Lake Kylmäluomajärvi boat harbour. The harbour is equipped with a boat launch ramp. The Aarnikämppä and Ahveninen rental cabins are equipped with row boats, which are at the disposal of those renting the cabin.

Biking Trails

Biking trails within the hiking area and in its surrounding areas are marked on the Iso-Syöte-Taivalvaara-Kylmäluoma outdoor map.

Mountain Biking

A marked mountain biking trail (43 km) runs through Kylmäluoma Hiking Area along an old church road. It runs from the outdoor centre to the municipal centre of Taivalkoski ( The trail follows Päätalopolku Hiking Trail for most of the way. The difficulty level of the trail has not been classified, but it is not very demanding.

  • Services
    • Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre: accommodation and restaurant services
    • Aarnikämppä and Ahveninen rental cabins
    • A campfire hut on the north shore of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi and a lean-to shelter at the west end of the lake.

An 8 km mountain biking trail turns off at the west end of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi. The trail leads to Jokijärvi, where there are private tourist services. This is where famous Finnish author Kalle Päätalo was born and his childhood home is there. For more information on Jokijärvi see the municipality of Taivalkoski (

  • Sights
    • A spectacular view of lake and forest landscape from the top of Kylmäluomaharju Ridge.

Snowmobile Routes and Tracks

A snowmobile track leads from Iso-Syöte and Taivalkoski to the Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre. Tracks from Kylmäluoma lead to Hossa and the Kainuu snow mobile track network and on to Kuusamo.

The Kylmäluoma tracks are maintained by Taivalkosken kelkkaurapooli, which Metsähallitus has a partnership in.