Accessible Services in Seitseminen National Park

The old forests and mire areas of the Seitseminen National Park charm visitors.  The best attractions come with a wide range of accessible services. Saari-Soljanen and Kirkaslampi have accessible service structures. The Seitseminen Nature Centre and the Kovero yard are also accessible with an assistant. Accessible service structures are available in summer.

Seitseminen Nature Centre

Start your excursion at the Seitseminen Nature Centre where you can get tips for your trip. Visitors to the Nature Centre can see the Metsän siimes nature exhibition and get to the café and toilet facilities accessibly. The accessible parking area is located in the yard of the Visitor Centre. 

The entrance to the building is demanding due to exterior doors and lobby area. We recommend bringing an assistant for your visit.

Accessible nature trail at Seitseminen 

The Saari-Soljanen accessible trail (500 m each way) presents the magnificent Soljanen mire area with its mire ponds. There is a wooden viewing platform and an angling dock along the trail.

There is an accessible dry toilet in the parking area.

Other easy trails

You can also go north along the cycling route from the Kirkas-Soljanen parking area with an assistant. The trail runs along the old forest road all the way to Kivijärventie, which is 5 km one-way. You can also traverse the cycling route south of the Pitkäjärvi parking area for about a kilometre with an assistant. The route follows an old forest road. Please note that cyclists and horse-back riders may also use these routes.

The Aarnipolku path has not been made accessible but it is easy to walk. The duckboards sections have three wide planks side by side. There are differences in elevation, but the route is wide and smoothed. The eastern section of the route has one staircase. There is an accessible dry toilet in the parking area. 

All trails in Seitseminen National Park.

Other accessible services

Kovero Heritage Farm

Kovero crown tenant farm is the most popular site in Seitseminen National Park. The heritage farm is open during the summer season.

You can get to the Kovero yard accessibly from the parking area about 50 metres away but it is a good idea to have an assistant with you.

The buildings are difficult to get into due to their high foundations and stairs.

An accessible dry toilet is located on the edge of the Kovero parking area. 

Kirkaslampi Pond

Kirkaslampi pond is an easily accessible charming mire pond along Seitsemisentie road.

There is an accessible cooking shelter on the shore of the pond, and the surroundings of the shelter are flat sandy fields. The route from the parking area to the cooking shelter (50 m) is accessible. There is an accessible dry toilet in the parking area.

Accessible services provided by partner entrepreneurs

Inquire Seitseminen's partner companies about guided excursions for visitors in wheelchairs, visually impaired visitors, visitors with children and beginner hikers. Read more about the services of Seitseminen partner companies.