Directions to Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins

Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins are located by the archipelago ring road Saariston Rengastie, south of the Turunväylä road (Finnish National Road 1). Kuusisto is 9 km from Kaarina, 17 km from Turku and 169 km from Helsinki.

Things to Do and See

Visit Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins.

By Bus to Kuusisto Bishop's Castle

Turku public transportation Föli ( operates daily weekday access to the castle ruins’ parking area. The ruins are a 700 metre walk away from the bus stop.   

Bus services 801/27.A and 27.2 from Turku ( stop at the crossing of Saaristotie and Linnanrauniontie (bus stop no. 6213). From there, you can exchange to Kaarina's local K2 line on Linnanrauniontie, which terminates at the Kuusisto Manor parking area. There is a roughly 700 metre walk to the ruins from the parking area. Please remember that the K2 line ( only operates on weekdays.

In the Turku direction, the Saaristotie stop is no. 6214.

By Car to Kuusisto Bishop's Castle

Kuusisto Bishop’s Castle Ruins are located at Linnanrauniontie 633, Kaarina. The parking area does not have an address, but it is located on the left side of Linnanrauniontie at 7.5 kilometres from the Saaristotie intersection. There is a 700 metre walk to the ruins from the parking area.

By Boat to Kuusisto Bishop's Castle

The castle ruins are accessible by boat. The pier is on the northern shore, and it has a depth of approximately two metres. Pier coordinates: N 60° 06.50' E 22° 18,7', WGS 84.

By Bicycle to Kuusisto Bishop's Castle

The castle ruins are only a short side-track away from the Archipelago Trail. Take Saaristotie (no. 180) from the Helsinki-Turku road (no. 110) in Kaarina. After two kilometres, turn left to Linnanrauniontie, and the castle ruins will be 8.2 kilometres away.