What's Currently Happening in Hiidenportti National Park 

Lichen grow abundantly on a rocky slope. Below you can see trees and more rocky terrain.

Visitor survey at Hiidenportti

(Updated 02.07.2021)
The visitor survey will be conducted in Hiidenportti National Park during the summer season 2021. The information collected by this visitor survey will be used in the management and planning of the Hiidenportti National Park.

The survey maps visitors’ experiences and opinions about the national park’s management and development needs. It also examines among other things, the visitor structure of the park and the regional and temporal distribution of park visits. In addition, the use of visitor’s money and the local economic impact of national park visits will be investigated.

The author of the visitor survey will interview visitors in the national park area until the end of September. Data is collected at various locations in the park on occasional days. In addition, the Palolampi information point has a self-service collection point, where visitors can independently take the form to fill out.
The previous visitor survey at Hiidenportti National park was conducted in 2012.

Palolampi Rental Hut at your use 

(Updated 10.5.2021)   
Palolampi Rental Hut is located in the northwestern corner of Hiidenportti National Park next to the park's main information point and it can be rented for private use by a price of only 40 €/day.

The hut is not meant for overnight stays. There is room for approx. 25 people and it contains a main room and a kitchen. There is a gas cooker and a gas refrigerator, and crockery and cooking utensils are available in the kitchen.

Reserevation of the Palolampi Rental Hut can be made at the Eräluvat web store or by calling the Eräluvat nationwide service number +358 20 69 2424.
Read more about the Palolampi Rental Hut.

Hiidenportti National Park welcomes visitors 

(Updated 20.10.2020)
Hiidenportti National Park welcomes visitors throughout the year. Hiidenportti is a nice and quiet national park, which offers a lot to see and experience. However, please note that along the hiking routes in some places the duckboards are in bad condition. Have a nice hike, but please, watch your steps.

Launching Sotkamo Silver Mine brings traffic to the roads 

Sotkamo Silver Mine has been opened in March 2019. The mine is situated about 8 kilometres north from the Hiidenportti National Park. 

The visitors of the national park should notice that this causes heavy traffic on the narrow roads Tipasojantie and Kissaniementie. 

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