What's Currently Happening in Hiidenportti National Park 

Lichen grow abundantly on a rocky slope. Below you can see trees and more rocky terrain.

Cafe-services available at the Palolampi information point

(Updated 2.10.2023)
The Palolampi café serves Hiidenportti-visitors during the summer season. Check the updated information on the Hiiden Torppa facebook-site (facebook.com/hiidentorppa ay & palolammen kahvio)

The café sells also Hiidenportti T-shirts and other products. Payment only with cash.

Hiidenportti National Park welcomes visitors 

(Updated 16.5.2022)
Hiidenportti National Park welcomes visitors throughout the year. Hiidenportti is a nice and quiet national park, which offers a lot to see and experience.

In 2022 Hiidenportti celebrates the 40th anniversary together with 10 other Finnish national parks: Gulf of Finland, Helvetinjärvi, Isojärvi, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas, Lauhanvuori, Patvinsuo, Riisitunturi, Salamajärvi, Seitseminen and Tiilikkajärvi. Each of these parks have their own celebrations for their anniversaries. Please, check their What's New pages.

The services and facilities in Hiidenportti national park are constantly being repaired, but, please note that along the hiking routes in some places the duckboards are in bad condition. Have a nice hike, but please, watch your steps.

News in Hiidenportti

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