Stone Labyrinths

There is a stone labyrinth in Mustaviiri Island. In the archipelago these stone labyrinths have been built while waiting for the weather improving for sailing, but they may also have been used as places of worship and cults. They are usually built of head-size stones, and their diameter is 10 - 12 metres. The oldest labyrinths were made in the Stone Age, and the youngest a bit over a hundred years ago. It is believed that they were places for meeting and playing, but they probably have something to do with fishing and hunting magic as well. Most scientists nowadays think, that the labyrinths are religious constructions.

World Heritage on the Island of Mustaviiri 

On the island of Mustaviiri, in Gulf of Finland National Park, visitors can find the latest Unesco World Heritage Site which has been included in the World Heritage List in Finland. The small, drilled hole in rock, about the size of a matchbox, is one of the original station points of Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of survey triangulations. Read more about Struve Geodetic Arc.

The Stone Engraving on Suuri-Pisi Island

On Suuri-Pisi Island, there is the mark of King Gustav III of Sweden carved on the rock. It has the date 14th of June 1777, when the king with his navy found shelter in Suuri-Pisi Island during a storm.