Customer Service and Guidance

  • There are information boards at the Kivalot and Hankasalmenaho parking areas.
  • For more information on the area contact Pilke House Customer Service.

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Campfire Sites and Huts

  • There are six lean-to shelters in the mire reserve and each has a campfire site. They are located:
    • Next to the Hangassalmenaho parking area.
    • At the Kivalot starting point (no maintenance at the moment).
    • Järviaapa accessible lean-to shelter.
    • At the northwest of Martimojärvi, there is a lean-to shelter in a bog islet.
    • At Jääkärikämppä day-use hut (maintained by the Keminmaa municipality).
    • Kurkioja lean-to shelter on the ski trail at the reserve's western boundary (maintained by the Keminmaa municipality).

Accessible lean-to shelter surrounded by trees. There is a mire in the background.

Waste Management

  • There are no waste bins in the area. This means that each visitor is responsible for his or hers own waste and must make sure it is brought out of the area to a recycling point. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a dry toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire.
  • There are recycling points for glass and metal and bins for mixed waste at Kivalot and Hangassalmenaho parking areas.
  • Read more about Hiking Without Littering.


  • There are dry toilets at each of the area's lean-to shelters and wilderness huts.

Overnight stays

Camping and Lean-to shelters

There area six lean-to shelters in the mire reserve. Camping is allowed in their vicinity. The lean-to shelters are located:

  • Next to the Kivalot parking area (no maintenance at the moment).
  • Next to the Hangassalmenaho parking area.
  • Järviaapa lean-to shelter, along the accessible route.
  • On the shore of Lake Martimojärvi (Martimojärvi lean-to shelter).
  • On the ski trail at the reserve's west boundary (Kurkioja lean-to shelter).
  • At Jääkärikämppä day-use hut.

Open and Reservable Wilderness Huts

There are five open wilderness huts in the mire reserve of which Koivuselkä and Saunasaari are located on a hiking trail.

In addition to there is also a day-use hut called Jääkärikämppä in the area.

Accessible services 

  • There is an accessible route from the parking area to Hangassalmenaho lean-to shelter. There is also an accessible toilet near parking place and the lean-to shelter. 
  • Martimoaapa accessible route from parking place to Järviaapa. 
  • Järviaapa accessible lean-to shelter and accessible toilet. 

Accessible toilet-woodshed building next to the path. The  accessible path leads towardt the mire.

Lodging and Other Services in the Surrounding Area