Southern Konnevesi National Park Trails

Starting Points for Trails

The Kalajan Kierros Trail, 4,6 km Nature Trail (the easy section, 1 km one way)

Accessible toilet symbol. 

When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 2–4 hours.
Hike the entire trail through the challenging terrain, or just the easy first section until the Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter (1 km one way).

Climb to the top of Kalajanvuori hill to enjoy the magnificent views and enjoy a snack at the campfire shelter by an idyllic pond.

Summer view of forests and lakes from the top of a mountain.

Starting Points

Address: The Kalaja parking area, Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi. You can also walk 1.5 km along a forest road from the Törmälä Holiday and Course Centre (, Konnekoskentie 552, Rautalampi, to the Kalaja parking area.

Hiking structures 

On the shore of Vuori-Kalaja pond, there is a campfire shelter, a campfire site, a swimming dock and an accessible toilet. Please bring your own toilet paper.


The clear Vuori-Kalaja pond, Kalajanvuori hill, the old-growth forest with giant aspens and eight nature trail info boards (pdf 8.6 MB,, presenting the natural features and history of the area.

Summer landscape by a lake. A mirror image of the forest is visible in the calm water.

Hikers in the garden of a wooden cottage in a forest.

Route description

Trail marking: yellow paint mark
Recommended hiking direction: clockwise

A lone hiker is walking throught the woods. Yellow route markers show the trail.

The 4.6 km Kalajan kierros circular trail starts by the Kalaja parking area, runs on the eastern shore of the Vuori-Kalaja pond, ascends to the top of Kalajanvuori hill, descends to the Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter and returns to the parking area.

On a gravel path in the forest, a woman is pushing a stroller with two children. Older children are observing the nature.

The first kilometre from the Kalaja parking area to the Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter is a fairly easy gravel path, suitable even for pushchairs fit for use on rough terrain. Upon arrival at the shore of Vuori-Kalaja pond, you are welcomed by a comfortable rest stop and a rowing boat. The 2.6 km section around the pond, up to the hilltop and down again, is challenging due to the steep and uneven terrain. Since the trail is slow to walk and there is plenty to see on the way, we recommend reserving ample time for the journey.

 Metal grating stairs, one edge of which is covered with plywood.

A hiker walking down a path criss-crossed by roots.

If you wish, you can start your hike at the Törmälä Holiday and Course Centre. Törmälä is a 1.5 kilometre walk from the Kalaja parking area along a forest road (no route marking). Return along the same route. Starting from Törmälä, the total length of the trail is 7.6 km.

Print out the map (pdf 1.7 MB,

Please note

The rowing boat on the shore of Vuori-Kalaja pond is available for use. Please bring your own life vests.


The Accessible Vuori-Kalaja Trail, 300 m Circle Trail

Demanding accessible trail symbol. Accessible toilet symbol. Accessible parking area symbol. 

When there is no ice and snow on the ground.
The estimated travel time is 30 minutes.
Demanding accessible trail

Enjoy the fantastic scenery of Vuori-Kalaja pond and have an unforgettable picnic in a beautiful natural setting.

A hiker is standing on a wooden viewing platform, on the shore of a lake. Wooden walkways lead to the platform. The platform is quite flat and is bounded by railings.

Starting Point

Vuori-Kalaja accessible parking area, Vuori-Kalajan metsätie 126, Rautalampi. Please note that you must request the lock code in advance. See more detailed instructions on the Southern Konnevesi accessible page

Route description

When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the trail is accessible with assistance (300 m). The trail goes partly on gravel path, partly on broad duckboards and partly on forest road (Vuori-Kalajan metsätie). The route has considerable hills and side slopes (12%). By the shore there is an accessible stand for admiring the scenery.

Hiking structures 

On the shore of Vuori-Kalaja pond, the campfire shelter, campfire site and toilet are all accessible. See more detailed information on the Southern Konnevesi accessible page.

Print out the map (pdf 1.7 MB,

Kolmen Vuoren Vaellus (The Hiking Trail Three Mountains), 14 km Circle Trail (16 km in total)

When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is from 6 to 12 hours.
A very challenging trail, with large differences in altitude and rocky paths.

The hiking trail Three Mountains gives a taste of true wilderness. The rugged nature of Enonniemi features steep ascents and descents with spectacular views. The breathtakingly beautiful shores of Lake Konnevesi are ideal for a snack break or even an overnight stay.

Autumn bay. Birches in autumn colours, calm water and in the foreground, there are pines.

Starting Point

The Kalaja parking area, Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi, is 1 km from the starting point of the trail, the Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter.

Hiking structures 

Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter, campfire site and toilet. Keskilahdi campfire site, canoe jetty and toilet. Enonranta campfire shelter, guest jetty with a canoe step and toilet. Please bring your own toilet paper. Midway on the trail, the Majaniemi rental hut and sauna (, in Finnish) are available for visitors.

Two hikers are taking a brake at an open fireplace. Benches surround the fireplace. A wooden shed can be seen on the forest hillside in the background.

Entrance to a hut.


The picturesque shores of Lake Konnevesi, the old-growth forests of Enonniemi.

Route description

Trail marking: yellow paint mark
Recommended hiking direction: counter-clockwise

A hiking trail goes next to a lake. Pines are marked with yellow route markings. Over the calm lake, you can see the opposite shore.

The 14 km Three Mountains hiking trail starts and ends at the Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter. To get there, take the fairly easy gravel path (around 1 km) from the Kalajanvuori parking area. The total journey is approximately 16 km. The trail takes you to the rugged terrain of Kituvuori, Loukkuvuori and the Kalajanvuori hills in Enonniemi. If you wish, you can stop by the scenic lookout points of Loukkuvuori and Kalajanvuori to admire the views from the highest points of the national park. 

Please note

  • Reserve plenty of time for the hike, as the terrain is slow to walk in and there is a lot to see. You can count walking 2 kilometres per hour.

A hiker wearing a backpack is climbing up a very rocky slope. Some of the rocks are covered with moss.

A hiker in summer clothes walks down a forest path. A high cligg rises next to the path.

A hiker with a backpack is walking up a hill with many rhizomes. The hiker is carrying rubber boots with their backpack.

A hiker sits atop a cliff, overlooking a lake. A backpack, map and other camping equipment are laid out on the cliff.

  • If you get tired, you can take a shortcut straight to Enonranta, which shortens the trail with 2.2 kilometres.

A hiker stands in front of some signs, and examines a map. The signs provide directions to various destionations.

Print out Print out the map (pdf 1.7 MB,

Loukkuvuoren Lenkki (Loukkuvuori Hiking Trail), 2,8 km Circle Trail

When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 2 hours
A challenging trail, with large differences in altitude and rocky paths.

Loukkuvuoren lenkki trail offers hiking opportunity for boaters and paddlers. From the top of the hill Loukkuvuori you can enjoy the best view over the national park.

The landscape that opens at the end of a fold-mountain is filled with forests, lakes and islands.

Starting Point

The Loukkuvuoren lenkki trail starts from the Enonranta campfire shelter, which is accessible by boat or canoe from Lake Konnevesi. The Loukkuvuoren lenkki route is also accessible by bicycle from the Loukkuvuori road. Barriers have been used to close the road off to cars.

Coordinates of Enonranta: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 62° 34.8509' lon: 26° 39.0972' ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6938938 E: 482101

A pontoon bridge extends into the water. The bridge is reached from land through a small wooden bridge with railings. The bridge has a lifebuoy, and a cabin can be seen on a slope in the background.

View form the shore out towards a lake, with a jetty extending straight into the water. The jetty has a lifebuoy. On the opposite beach is forest.
Hiking structures 

On Enonranta there is a guest jetty with a canoe step, a campfire shelter and a toilet. Please bring your own toilet paper.


On the top of the Loukkuvuori hill, you feel like being on the rooftop of the national park.

Route description

Trail marking: yellow paint mark
Recommended hiking direction: counter-clockwise

The Loukkuvuoren lenkki trail runs along challenging terrain to the top of Loukkuvuori hill and back to the shore. The path is rocky and has large differences in altitude. Magnificent views over Lake Konnevesi open up from the hilltop.

Print Print out the map (pdf 1.7 MB,

Enonranta lean-to shelter and wood shed. The yard is stony.

A hiker points out towards the lake, while standing at a vantage point on top of a mountain. The rocky ground is covered with lichen.

Boating Routes

A woman is driving a motorboat towards the sun in an open lake landscape.

An inland waterway across Southern Konnevesi runs east from Häyrylänranta in Konnevesi towards Konnekoski in Rautalampi. Routes diverging from this waterway include the one running northwards from Rääkänselkä to Närelahti, northwards from Mäkäräniemenselkä to Kivisalmi and southwards to Pitkäpohjanlahti. The waterway is 1.8 km deep. Proceed with caution outside the waterways, since plenty of shallows and underwater rocks appear at surprising locations in Southern Konnevesi. This waterway is challenging for inexperienced boaters.

Directions for boaters

Landing points

Canoeing Routes

Two kayak paddlers on a sunny lake near a steep, rocky slope.

The national park and its surrounding areas have several canoeing routes of various lengths and degrees of difficulty (, in Finnish):

  • Käpynän kierros route, 4,3 km / easy route 
  • Rajasaaren kierros route, 8 km / easy route 
  • Toussunlinnan kierros route, 18,5 km
  • Haukisaaren kierros route, 8 km / easy route
  • Silmutsaaren kierros route, 10 km / easy route
  • Kivisalmen kierros route, 3 km / easy route
  • Kartanokierros route, 10 km
  • Kodanovisen melontareitti route, 19 km
  • The Konnevesi rapids route, 22 km 

The routes are maintained by the municipalities of Rautalampi ( and Konnevesi (, in Finnish).

Directions for canoeing routes

Landing points

The view from a lake towards a rocky shore. On a slope, atop a small hill is a shed. There is a national park sign on the shore.


Customer Service

Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland 
Tel. +358 (0)206 39 5270

""When the wildfire warning is in effect, open fires are prohibited on every campfire site in Southern Konnevesi nationalpark. In Southern Konnevesi nationalpark this prohibition applies also to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue. Check the current warnings ( 

Parking Areas

  • Konnekoskentie 552, Rautalampi
  • Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi
  • There may be delay in winter maintenance of the road and the parking area.
Vuori-Kalaja (no winter maintenance)
  • Satamatie 60, Konnevesi
Kalasatama, Hanhitaipale
  • Satamatie 143, Rautalampi


Southern Konnevesi Brochure

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