The Oulanka Wilderness Trail is now open

(Updated 01/25/2023)
The Oulanka wilderness Trail is 26 km long trail which runs from Oulanka Visitor Centre to Juuma. You can explore the wintry wilderness of Oulanka National Park by skis, snowshoes or fatbike. The trail has a ski track and a narrow multipurpose trail. Due to the altitude differences and the narrowness of the track, this is a challenging trail.

The trail is maintained once a week until April, till the end of the crusty snow period.

More information about the current conditions of the trail: Oulanka Visitor Centre.

More information about the Oulanka Wilderness Trail.

The cable boat across the River Niitselyjoki has been removed for the winter

(Updated 10/21/2022)
The cable boat across the River Niitselysjoki at the northern end of the Keroharjun kuiskaus -trail has been removed for the winter. Before snow the trail can still be reached from the southern end of the trail from the parking at Harjulammentie Road. The Harjulammentie Road has no winter maintenance. More information about Keroharjun Kuiskaus trail can be found from the hiking trail description.

The Taivalköngäs wilderness hut is in use again

(Updated 09/13/2022)
The Taivalköngäs wilderness hut suffered from fire damage this summer. The damage has been repaired and the historical hut is now back in use. Remember to use extreme caution when handling a fire. Check the fire warnings before making a fire ( Only make a fire at the official campfire sites or in the hut stoves. Never leave a fire unattended. Make sure fire has been properly extinguished before leaving the hut or the campfire site.

Entering the Pähkänänkallio Cliff is prohibited 1.4.-15.8.

(Updated 04/19/2022)
Entering in the Pähkänänkallio Restricted Area is prohibited from 1st of April to 15th of August. You can see the map of the restricted area below.

Map of restricted area in Pähkänä Rocks.

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