What's Currently Happening in Oulanka National Park

Check regional Covid-instructions before your hiking trip or a visit to a nature center.

Liminganlahti Nature Centre is closed 1.1.-4.2.2022. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is closed 10.1.–1.2.2022. Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed 1.1.–26.1.2022. Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu is closed 13.1.–31.1.2022.

In other nature centers in Finland, we require the use of a facial mask and keeping the 2 meter distance to other visitors. In addition, there may be requirements to show the Covid pass, and/or the number of visitors can be limited. More information Nature centers. The length of the restrictions depends on the region. More regional information can be found at the Finnish institute for health and welfare website.

In the center of the picture, two hikers facing each other, in the background you can see the rapids landscape in the snowy terrain.


New Covid-19 restrictions in our region

(Updated 12/30/2021)
The Oulanka Visitor Centre is closed until 15.1.2022 due to the difficult Covid-19 situation. Customer service is available Mon-Fri from 10 am to 4 pm (10-16) by phone, by email or via Facebook Messenger (facebook.com). 

Below you can find links to the latest guidelines concerning the Covid-19 situation:
Epidemic situation in Northern Ostrobothnia (oyskorona.fi)
Kuusamo City Covid-19 info (kuusamo.fi)
Coronavirus Guidelines, Metsähallitus, Parks and Wildlife Finland.

New opening hours

(Updated 10/29/2021)
The opening hours of Oulanka Visitor Centre will change in November for the winter. The visitor centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday, closed on Mondays and Sundays. The restaurant Talonpöytä Oulanka will be on winter vacation starting from 30th of October. The restaurant will be closed until mid-February. Opening hours of the visitor centre can also be checked here

The fishing season 2021 has ended

(Updated 09/01/2021)
The fishing season 2021 in the Oulankajoki 5572 permit area and the Oulanka-Kitkajoki permit area has ended. The fishing season in these permit areas will start again on 1st of June 2022.

No gas stove at the Taivalköngäs wilderness hut

(Updated 08/12/2021)
The gas stove of the wilderness hut at Taivalköngäs is being repaired. We will inform here when the gas stove is at its place again. Food can be prepared at the campfire sites near the hut when the forest fire warning is not valid. Always have a camping stove with you when hiking long distances.

Route change at Valtavaara

(Updated 07/22/2021)

Map of route change at Valtavaara.

Entering the Pähkänänkallio Cliff is prohibited 1.4.-15.8.

(Updated 05/25/2021)
Entering in the Pähkänänkallio Restricted Area is prohibited from 1st of April to 15th of August. You can see the map of the restricted area below. 

Map of restricted area in Pähkänä Rocks.

The use of a face mask is recommended

(Updated 8/10/2020)
We recommend using a face mask when visiting Oulanka Visitor Centre. Keeping a safe distance is still important, also when spending time outdoors. Please read our coronavirus guidelines (nationalparks.fi) before heading to the trails.

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