Isojärvi National Park Trails

Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

The main starting points for the trails of the National Park are located at the Heretty and Kalalahti parking areas.

Hikers on a gravel road heading towards Heretty loggers' cabin.

Nature Trails

  • Heretty Nature Trail, 3 km, goes round Kannuslahti Bay of Lake Kurkijärvi. Boards along the trail tell about the history of forestry. 

A trail in the woods. On the left side of the trail is a large moss-covered boulder, and a tree with trail markings.

Circle Trails

Although the trails of the National Park are not marked as actual circle trails, the signposted routes of the park form many circular trails of different lengths. When planning a route and walking along it, it is wise to utilise the map of the service. Some route options are presented below.

Heretty as the starting point:

A signpost in the Latokuusikko grove.

The Kalalahti parking area at the end of the Huhtala road as the starting point:

  • Kalalahti Trail 4.5 km (clockwise). For the most part, the trail goes along the remains of an old forest road and is therefore easy to walk.
  • Vahterjärven Kierros Trail 11 km (clockwise). The trail's difficulty level varies from easy to intermediate. The most demanding stretch is the trail from Kalalahti to Lake Vahterjärvi.
    • Services: Campfire site, camping site and lean-to shelter in Kalalahti; campfire site, lean-to shelter and camping site by Lake Vahterjärvi; campfire site on the southern shore of the Lortikkalampi pond.
    • Sights: Lortikanvuori Hill Nature Trail, the bicycle road between Heretty and Lortikka, the Lortikka loggers' cabin, the beavers' "forest works" in Kalakorpi woods.

The circle trails mentioned above can also be combined into a trail of about 20 km: Heretty – Latokuusikko forest – Lake Vahterjärvi - Kalalahti - Lortikka – Heretty.

The trails are marked with blue colour.

Two beavers are swimming in the lake.

Mountain Biking Trails

Isojärvi MTB -trail ( is under constuction in summer 2019. The trail is 16 kilometres long and starts and ends at Heretty. Please note that in Isojärvi national park mountain biking is allowed only on this trail and roads.

Walking with a Baby Pram

The trail from Heretty to the campfire site at Kannuslahti (500 metres) is accessible also with a baby pram.