Accessibility to All

Hossa National Park and the adjacent areas provide accessible versatile trails and facilities. Some of the campfire sites and dry toilets have been dimensioned for wheelchair users. The national park also has jetties from which wheelchair users can fish. They can also board a boat from these jetties.

Please contact the visitor centre for details. The visitor centre rents out two electric scooters and lends one walker. At the visitor centre, it is also possible to charge wheelchair batteries. 

A hiker in a wheelchair packs a kayak by a lake. Another kayak is adjacent to the first.

Hossa Visitor Centre

Start your nature adventure at Hossa Visitor Centre, where you can get information and hear the latest outdoor tips.

The visitor centre and its café-restaurant, souvenir shop and meeting room are accessible by wheelchair as well as pram and pushchair. There is an accessible toilet at the visitor centre. Also pets are welcome.

Accessible Trails

Hossa Nature Trail

A section of about 500 metres of the Hossa Nature Trail is surfaced with stone dust and equipped with duckboards, and it is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Along the trail, you will find jetties, a shelter with a campfire site, as well as the Huosilampi lean-to shelter, which is suitable for large groups. The lean-to shelter boasts a campfire site, a fireplace, an eating space and an accessible dry toilet. The nature trail starts from the vicinity of the visitor centre.

A hiker with a fishing rod and a hiker on an electric moped are following a trail towards a building.

Muikkupuro Accessible Trail, 1.5 km

One of the most beautiful places in Hossa is the Muikkupuro stream. Muikkupuron mutka, which is a 1.5-km-long trail, accessible to all, runs to the destination. The trail starts from the Hossalaislammet parking area and takes you to the Muikkupuro lean-to shelter. There is an accessible dry toilet by the lean-to shelter and by the Hossalaislammet parking area.

Lihapyörre Accessible Trail, 200 m

There is a 200-m-long accessible trail from the Lihapyörre parking area to the Lihapyörre lean-to shelter. Those using a wheelchair can fish from the large jetty in front of the lean-to shelter. There are accessible dry toilets by the parking area and by the lean-to shelter. The Lihapyörre lean-to shelter is located along the trail running to the Värikallio Cliffs, but otherwise, the trail to Värikallio is not accessible to all.

A woman is pushing a stroller on wooden walkways in the middle of a swamp.

Accessible Accommodation

Out of the rental huts in Hossa, Hirvastupa, Peurapirtti and Huosiusjärvi are accessible to all, and out of the huts with electricity, Jatkonsalmi Pääpirtti is accessible to all.

The rental cabins have a sauna, a jetty and a toilet or an outhouse toilet. The huts are equipped with ramps and the thresholds are accessible by wheelchair. However, it is advisable to have an assistant.

The Karhunkainalo Camping Ground, its service building and the rentable lakeside sauna are suitable for the wheelchair customers.

The cooking shelter and dry toilet by the Iikoski rest spot are accessible. However, the changing room by the swimming area is not accessible by wheelchair. Please note, Iikoski is not meant for overnight stays.

En man is riding an electric moped towards the end of a pier, intending to fish.

Accessible Fishing Sites

  • There are four jetties on the shore of Huosilampi Pond. From these jetties, wheelchair users can also fish for rainbow trout. The jetties are located along the section of the nature trail that is accessible to all.
  • There is a fishing jetty in front of the Lihapyörre lean-to shelter. From this jetty, you can try to catch fish from the shallow rapids of River Somerjoki. A trail, accessible to all, runs to the lean-to shelter.
  • As the name suggests, Pitkä-Hoilua ("pitkä": "long") is a long lake. You may catch brown trout, whitefish and perch from the lake. There is a parking area at the northern end of the lake. By the parking area, there are a dry toilet, a campfire site and a boat pier that are suitable for wheelchair users. You can also rent a boat for Lake Pitkä-Hoilua. They can be reserved at the visitor centre.
  • The rental huts of Jatkonsalmi, Huosiusjärvi, Hirvastupa and Peurapirtti have jetties from which wheelchair users can board a boat.