Customer service and guidance

Salla Wilderness Park

  • Salla Visitor Centre
  • Free experiential exhibition describes the special features of Salla’s nature and culture 
  • Café and restaurant, souvenirs

Nature exhibition at Salla Visitor Centre

A nature exhibition can be visited free of charge in Salla Visitor Centre. The exhibition provides information about the old-growth forests and their species in Salla National Park and its vicinity and gives an introduction to the magnificent geological sites in the area. 

The exhibition will be updated in 2020–2022, during which period it may contain unfinished sections. 

In Salla National Park, information boards can be found in Kaunisharju parking area, Salla Wilderness Park and Sallatunturi (ski resort). These information boards are in Finnish and English.

Services provided by partners

Metsähallitus’ partners providing services in Salla National Park and nearby area.

These partners have a co-operation agreement with Metsähallitus, and they observe the principles of sustainable nature tourism when operating in the National Park.

Eating, cooking and snacking

Cafés, restaurants, shops and kiosks

  • You can cook your own meals at the lean-to shelters, Lapp huts and campfire sites
  • You can also find cafés, restaurants, shops and kiosks near Salla National Park. 
  • To buy food supplies for your excursion, you can visit shops, service stations and tourism companies near Salla (

Campfire sites in the National Park

There are five lean-to shelters and two Lapp huts with campfire sites in Salla National Park. 

Campfires are only permitted at official campfire sites built for this purpose.

Open fires are prohibited when a forest fire warning is effective. 

This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue. More information about lighting a campfire at a designated campfire site is provided in the Outdoor Guide.

Locations of the lean-to shelters

  • Kaunisharju 
  • Kolmiloukkonen, two lean-to shelters
  • Tunturilampi
  • Kaippahanoja

Locations of the huts

  • Pitkälampi 

The following can also be found on the UKK trail in Salla National Park

  • Kylmähete, lean-to shelter 
  • Pahakuru, campfire site (no dry toilet)
  • Aatsinginhauta, Koutalampi lean-to shelter

Hikers at a lean-to shelter. Two of them are cooking sausages on a campfire. On one side of the image, there is a wooden stand with walking poles leaning against it. There are trees and a lake in the background.

Drinking water

Surface water, such as water taken from lakes, rivers and streams, should be boiled for a few minutes before drinking, as water quality varies from place to place and depending on the temperature.

See the Outdoor Guide for tips about drinking water for hikers.

Waste disposal

  • Biodegradable waste may be disposed of in the toilets or composters, and small amounts of pure paper and cardboard may be used to light fires.
  • The principle of litter free hiking should be followed in Salla National Park (link)
  • There are no waste containers in the area, and waste management is the responsibility of the visitors. This means that hikers are responsible for their own waste and must bring it out of the area for appropriate sorting. 

Dry toilets


  • There are dry toilets along the hiking trails in connection with almost every hut and lean-to shelter.
  • Hikers are advised to bring their own toilet paper as none is provided in the toilets.

Staying overnight

You can camp outside huts, lean-to shelters and homes. You can also spend the night in the lean-to shelters and huts of the area.

Accessible services

The trails maintained by Metsähallitus in Salla are not accessible. Metsähallitus’ exhibition in Salla Wilderness Park is suitable for visitors with reduced mobility.

The observation site of natural phenomena at Kaunisharju is accessible in summer. 

Other services near Salla

For information about other services in the area, visit the websites of Salla municipality ( and Salla tourism (

The nearby tourist resort offers plenty of accommodation and tourism services as well as hiking equipment rentals. 

For versatile information about Lapland and tourism services in the area, visit the website for tourism in Lapland (

Ski cafe

A ski cafe is open in winter (from week 7) in Ruuhitunturi. 

Day huts and open wilderness huts outside the National Park

  • Kalliojärvi day hut 
  • Aikkipetsi day hut

Lean-to shelters

  • Hevosoja
  • Salmijoki ravine
  • Paltsarikumpu
  • Tammakkolampi (Municipality of Salla) 
  • Kontiolampi (Municipality of Salla) 
  • Hangasjärvi (Municipality of Salla)
  • Hanhilampi
  • Ämminpolku lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla)
  • Sallatunturin Tuvat lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla)
  • Ruuhitunturi campfire site and day hut (Municipality of Salla)

On the trails leading from the fells to Salla village centre: 

  • Keselmälampi barbecue shelter (Municipality of Salla)
  • Sirkka lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla)
  • Ratiskaviita lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla)
  • Ruuhijoki barbecue shelter (Municipality of Salla)

Lapp huts

  • Lehtoaapa
  • Upinlampi (Municipality of Salla) 
  • Keselmäjärvi (Municipality of Salla)

Huts/lean-to shelters on the UKK trail

  • Suksenpaistama, lean-to shelter
  • Konttilampi, lean-to shelter
  • Palotunturi, lean-to shelter
  • Siskelilampi, lean-to shelter
  • Topsakka-aapa, campfire site
  • Tervanpolttamalammit, lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla)

On the snowmobile track:

  • Kolmiolampi lean-to shelter
  • Petservaara campfire site (no toilet)

Off the trails:

  • Lehtikorkia open wilderness hut
  • Marjavaaranselkä lean-to shelter (Municipality of Salla) 

Open wilderness hut

Lehtikorkia open wilderness hut is located on the snowmobile track between Salla Tourist Centre and Kemijärvi.

A small open wilderness hut surrounded by snow in sunshine.