Rahja Archipelago situation in Finland.North Ostrobothnia
Area 84 km²
Natura 2000 site 1998, the national shore conservation programme 1990.

Due to land uplift, the Rahja archipelago in the mid-part of the Bothnian Bay is slowly emerging from the sea. The land uplift makes the Rahja archipelago unique in Europe. In the Rahja area, you can explore archipelago habitats, ranging from sheltered forests of the inner archipelago to islets in the open sea.

The Rahja archipelago is a pleasant, sheltered destination for a one- or two-day canoe trip. It has beaching and campfire sites. The traditional archipelago culture is manifested in the fishing villages, in the blossoming meadows and in the wooded pastures. 

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

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