Directions to Hiidenportti National Park

Many navigators direct driving to the Hiidenportti National Park via Hopeatie. The road is broken. Driving to the main information point Palolampi only according to the direction instructions and signposts. Read more in What's New pages

Hiidenportti National Park is located in the southeastern corner of the municipality of Sotkamo (distance 46 km), bordering the municipalities of Kuhmo (51 km) and Valtimo (56 km). The nearest airport and railway station are located in Kajaani (86 km).

To the Hiking Trails

The main starting point for the hiking trails is the Palolampi information point. Starting points for hiking trails.

By Car to Hiidenportti

Palolampi parking area. Hiidenportintie 86, Sotkamo. Space for about 30 cars and 2–3 coaches. In winter, Hiidenportintie is ploughed up to the Palolampi parking area. You should, however, be prepared for sudden snowfall.

Käärmesärkkä parking area. From the Kuhmo-Valtimo road (no. 5284). Space for about 10 cars. The parking area is not ploughed in winter.

Urpovaara parking area. From the Kuhmo-Valtimo road (no. 5284). Space for about 15 cars. In winter, Perävaarantie leading to Urpovaara is not usually ploughed.

By Public Transport

Hiidenportti National Park cannot be reached by public transport.

Hiidenportti Brochure

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