The Kolovesi National Park is located on the south side of Highway 23. From Savonlinna it is 48 km to the Käkövesi boat launch and 55 km to the Kirkkoranta boat launch.

To the Hiking Trails

Nature and hiking trails can be reached from the Nahkiaissalo parking area and Mäntysalo excursion harbour. Starting points for the hiking trails.
The boat launches are located in the Käkövesi parking area and at Kirkkoranta. At Kirkkoranta there is a self-service company equipment rental point.

By Bus to Enonkoski and Savonranta

The nearest bus connections ( are to Enonkoski and Savonranta, which can be reached by bus from Savonlinna or Joensuu on weekdays. Kirkkoranta in Kolovesi is 22 km from Enonkoski and 21 km from Savonranta. The remaining part of the journey is best taken by taxi.

By Train to Vihtari or Savonlinna

The nearest railway stop is in Vihtari, which can be reached daily from both Helsinki and Joensuu. It is 26 km from the Vihtari station to the Kirkkoranta information area, which is best reached by taxi. Read more about our partners offering services in the national park.

Savonlinna can also be reached by train ( and plane (

Ridesharing to Kolovesi

You can also offer or request a Reissukyyti-ridesharing ( to Kolovesi 
at the price of fuel costs. 

By Car to Kolovesi

Kirkkoranta parking area. Kirkkorannantie 200, Enonkoski. Signs from road 471. Space for approximately 45 cars and a few buses. No winter maintenance.

Nahkiaissalo parking area. Nahkiaissalontie, Savonlinna. Signs from road 471. Space for approximately 8 cars. No winter maintenance.

Käkövesi parking area. Vääräntauksentie, Enonkoski. Signs from road 471. Space for approximately 12 cars. No winter maintenance.

Two hikers stand on the platform, one wearing a flotation vest. There is a packed canoe in the water next to the dock.

By Boat to Kolovesi

Motorboating is prohibited in a majority of the Kolovesi National Park. Motorboats are only permitted at the Pitkäsaari excursion harbour. The starting point of the Mäntysalo trail can also be reached by motorboat.

Read more about water excursion services.