Two new parking areas along Kalkkiuunitie

(Updated 4.10. 2019)
There are now two new parking areas near Kalkinpolttajan Nature Trail at Kalkkiuunintie 8 and 12. There is place for 20 cars.
At the end of the year there will be significantly more parking areas along Knutersintie, north of Landbo, in Ultuna. We will inform you as soon as Knuter's parking area is ready.
You should remember to park only in the official parking areas and leave the roads free. For information that there is a parking ban imposed by the the road cooperatives on Nybyggetintie between Uunirinne and Nybygget.

New Accessible Route

(Updated 3.7.2019)
A new accessible route has been built at Sipoonkorvi National Park. The route is demanding and it starts at the Tasakallio parking area and leads to Storträsk. There is a new campfire site, a dry toilet and a wood shelter at Storträsk. An accessible toilet is now being built and it will be ready for use within a few weeks. See the map (