Services in Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi

Anterinmukka Open Wilderness Hut: Using the sauna is prohibited from April 15, 2024. Deficiencies in fire safety have appeared during the inspection.
  • Shop: For example maps, books, hiking supplies, fishing permits for state waters
    • Only card payment
  • Auditorium rental: A 77-seat auditorium with AV equipment. Price: €30/hour, €200/day (incl. VAT 24 %).

Accessible Services

  • There are no accessible reserved parking space. The parking area is accessible but is at a distance of 50-100 m from the visitor centre. The yard is paved and there is a slight hill upwards towards the entrance.
  • The entrance to the visitor centre has small doorsteps at the doors (12 mm) and the doors are not automated. Please ask the staff to help you if needed.
  • The indoor areas of the visitor centre are accessible.
  • There is an accessible toilet.
  • The auditorium is accessible and can accommodate a couple of wheelchairs at a time.