Salla National Park

A hiker is looking at a winter view to fells and forests from a high place that is surrounded by a fence.

Salla national park logo is elliptical and has a drawn capercaillie bird. Behind the bird there is a fell landscape and a sun on the sky. Around the logo is a text: Salla kansallispuisto nationalpark.The old-growth forests of Salla National Park stretch from ravines and mires to the tops of the fells. Hiking trails wind along ridges and gorges and beside small pristine lakes filled with clean fresh water. From the top of Iso Pyhätunturi fell you can admire the vast landscapes and large fells on the Russian side. The night sky of the hushed winter wilderness is illuminated by the Milky Way and the colourful Northern Lights and in summer by the midnight sun. In winter the forests of spruce trees completely covered in crown snow load will take your breath away. This is the home of the capercaillie – in the middle of nowhere.


The area is managed by: Metsähallitus, Parks and Wildlife Lapland.

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