The Linnansaari National Park is located east of Highway 5 and can be reached by water from Oravi or Porosalmi, Rantasalmi.
Oravi is 40 km from Savonlinna and 60 km from Varkaus. Porosalmi, Rantasalmi is 54 km from Savonlinna and 42 km from Varkaus.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking routes are located on the main island of Linnansaari and start at Sammakkoniemi. It is easy to get to the island from, for example, Oravi or Porosalmi, Rantasalmi.

By Public Transport to Savonlinna, Varkaus or Rantasalmi

Savonlinna and Varkaus can be reached by train (, bus ( and plane (

There is a bus connection to the intersection of Porosalmi, Rantasalmi ( from Varkaus and Savonlinna on weekdays. From the intersection it is 3 km to Porosalmi.

By Car to Oravi or Rantasalmi

Oravi parking area, Kiramontie 27 (SaimaaHoliday Oravi). 

Porosalmi parking area, Porosalmentie 313 (Järvisydän). 

Mustalahti parking area, Mustalahdentie 318 (Rantasalmi municipal guest harbour).

Two hikers sit on a low bench on the ice at a lake shore. A map sign is in the background and farther away there are trees along the shoreline.

Paddling or Rowing to Linnansaari

It is possible to reach the islands in the national park by canoeing or rowing. It is approximately 6 km from Oravi and 12 km from Porosalmi to the main island of Linnansaari. Canoes and row boats are rented out by partner operators.

By Boat to Linnansaari

By Passenger Boat Service

In the summer, there is a daily transport to the National Park from Oravi ( and Porosalmi, Rantasalmi ( The fast boat from Oravi is for 8-14 persons. The cruise ship from Porosalmi stops at Kaarnetsaari island on it`s way.

By Taxi Boat

During the open water period (1.5.-31.10.) there is a taxi boat service ( operating from Oravi. The taxi boat can be ordered anywhere at Lake Haukivesi.

Two children and an adult sit on a lifeboat. The sun is shining and the wind is tousling their hair.

By Cruise Boat

Several enterprises offer charter cruises in the national park. Some of the partner enterprises offer charter tours.

More information on services offered e.g. on Rantasalmi Travel ( and on Visitsavonlinna (

By Private Boat

The drawn emblem of Linnasaari national park on the gate. A Saimaa ringed seal is depicted inside the oval symbol. The text Linnasaari national park in Swedish and Finnish wraps around the outer edge of the emblem.Visitors with their own boat can arrive from either Varkaus or Savonlinna directions. Varkaus - Savonlinna route goes through the whole area.

The northern parts of the park can be reached from either Heinävesi or Joensuu directions, via Tappuvirta Channel.
The main island of the park (Linnansaari Island) can be accessed from the east through the Canals of either Oravi or Haponlahti.

From the Mustalahti Gueststage (3,5 km from the centre of Rantasalmi) it is easy to start your trip to the national park waters with your own boat. From the centre of Rantasalmi you can get to Linnansaari by following the marked route via Ketvele Canal (1,3 m deep).

On Linnansaari waters there are suitable landing places for both small boats and bigger sailboats. More information on special services for boaters.