The Bothnian Sea National Park is located in the outer archipelago of Merikarvia, Pori, Luvia, Eurajoki, Rauma, Pyhäranta, Uusikaupunki and Kustavi. The national park is only accessible by boat unless there is an ice cover, with the exception of Preiviikinlahti, Lieslahti and Salttöö. 

Transport to the Bothnian Sea islands can be sought through our partners’ websites.

By Bus to Selkämeri Sites

The islands of the Bothnian Sea National Park are only accessible by boat. There are various companies in Uusikaupunki, Kustavi, Rauma, Luvia, Pori and Merikarvia that arrange boat transports to the islands. The boat harbours in Uusikaupunki, Rauma and Pori have bus access.

Bus schedules are available on Matkahuolto’s timetable service (, Rauma local services (, in Finnish) and Pori local services (, in Finnish).

Companies that offer boat transport to Bothnian Sea island destinations and their harbours can be found on the partners page.

By Car to Selkämeri

You can explore Yyterin lietteet route on Pori’s Preiviikinlahti Bay by car, which has over ten birdwatching towers and platforms for bird lovers: Sannannokka, Hathuru, Isosanta, Yyterin lietteet, Huhtala, Langoura, Leveäkari, Eteläranta, Kaarluoto and Ooviiki. The Huhtala, Langoura and Leveäkari towers are located in the national park. The towers and platforms are accessible by car. Many of them are located along the Lietteet trail (8 km).

Parking areas:

Eteläranta birdwatching tower, signage from Uimarannantie 186, Pori. Parking area next to the tower.

Huhtalanraitti parking area, Huhtalanraitti 206, Pori. Huhtala, Yyterin lietteet and Hathuru platforms. The trail continues on to the Sannannokka and Isosanta platforms.

Leveäkari birdwatching tower, Rantahaantie 147, Pori. Signage from the parking area along the trail and duckboards to the tower.

Kaarluoto birdwatching tower, Kaarluodontie 55, Pori. Kaarluoto birdwatching tower.

Ooviiki birdwatching tower, Koulunmutka 61, Pori. There are signs from the parking area along the trail to the Ooviiki tower. A nature trail that circles Preiviikinlahti Bay also begins at the parking area.

Sälttöö lean-to shelter parking area, Sälttööntie 6, Merikarvia. Another location that is accessible by car in the national park is Sälttöö, at Merikarvia. 

The boat harbours are accessible by car. Harbours usually have free parking areas as well as paid, private parking spots.

By Boat to Selkämeri

Excursions to the Bothnian Sea National Park are best taken by boat or canoe. 
Check the coordinates of the national park’s sites and natural harbours.

Our partners provide ferry and charter boats to the national park's islands, such as Putsaari, Isokari lighthouse and Katanpää fortress from Uusikaupunki, Kylmäpihlaja lighthour and Kuuskajaskari fortress from Rauma, Säppi from Luvia and Pori’s Reposaari, which also has services to Iso-Enskeri, Munakari and Seliskeri.

In summer 2021, there will be boat trips from Pori to Iso-Enskeri (starts at Satamapolku 20, Pori) and the Säppi lighthouse (starts at Salokankaantie 54, Pori). Tickets are available on the Visit Pori website (

Our partner companies rent canoes and kayaks. Suitable starting points for kayaking are, among others, by the Reposaari road at the Kappelinsunti beach; turn to Räyhäntie, take a right after the train tracks, and drive to the shore.